Jetta VS7 greatly enjoy the law, ultra-low down payment 16000 yuan to open home

2022-06-16 0 By

Now you can also enjoy five major gifts: low down payment, low interest rate, second approval for all Jetta models!More gifts!To the shop test drive can enjoy 200 yuan gas card to buy a car can enjoy novice loan and nONGjie loan, the highest can enjoy 3 years 0 interest car booking that send 6980 yuan boutique decoration gift a car purchase photo post friends circle can be exquisite gift a Jetta old owners to introduce the car purchase, get 300-700 yuan gas card or JINGdong shopping card.Buy Jetta to enjoy 5000 yuan replacement subsidy interested customers can click (ask the bottom price) will have a professional sales consultant to provide you with a detailed quotation.171 0446 0304 West road, 100 meters south of Tianlun Road, Zhongzhou Avenue, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou city.To obtain more gifts, please call 171 0446 0304 customers or by inquiry SMS customers can enjoy the network VIP customers unique benefits policy.