LCK famous players famous heroes, Faker is the most difficult to choose, M god is the most uncontroversial

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The last issue introduced LPL players famous heroes, so this game will take you to have a look at LCK players famous heroes, see if you are familiar with it ~Insec — blind monk:To explain this to you, for players like Insec who played in both LPL and LCK, we count them by the time they became famous. For insec who was famous at LCK, we consider him to be an LCK player.Insec certainly took the blind monk to the next level. Almost everyone can do the blind monk spin kick now, but in ancient times the spin kick was a very rare practice. Insec was the first man to execute the spin kick in a professional match, so he was also called the Holy Monk of Korea.Deft jinks: The absolute brand of Deft, according to the statistics, Deft Jinks win rate as high as 91%, and he used up to 32 games, in the professional field can maintain such a win rate is rare, but also enough to prove that Deft players have a unique understanding of jinks this hero.’- although athey’ is called the king of the rat, but I the deepest impression of him indeed, athey say he was the first not exaggerated, athey except for the normal operation of athey familiar with ‘the strongest local with understanding of R skills athey has a nearly perfect, in S6 global finals he athey shine brilliantly, R skills shot 100%,Is a real arrow without false hair, at the same time R skill thousands of miles away from the scene of breaking TP is to let countless players marvel at!Bang — EZ: As the only ADC player to win two S-match titles, Bang is indeed unique. His signature hero is EZ. His EZ skill hit rate is so terrible that it is almost as accurate as a lock.Madlife – hammer stone:With the passage of time, a lot of new players have forgotten madlife name, but for the old players he for auxiliary position is of great significance, in ancient times stone hammer almost nobody would play, is no less popular hero, and many madlife will hammer stone game show in front of the players, also let a lot of players to hammer the charm of stone,The hammerstone went from being a hero to a popular player (because many players used it as a symbol of strength).Faker – hook:The title also said that Faker was the player I struggled with the most, it was really hard to choose a representative hero in his career, Ruiz, Siren, Galio, etc., everyone is familiar with, but after thinking about it, I chose to steal, because this was faker’s first step to the shrine, Ryu was the real star player at that time,Faker, as the challenger, announced the birth of god with a classic double disaster.Summary: The above is the list of famous heroes of LCK stars brought to you by playing The Coffee Dictionary. If you know any other famous heroes of LCK players, please feel free to interact with us in the comments section.