Repair roads, remove hidden dangers, protect citizens’ “Foot safety”

2022-06-16 0 By

Qinzhou District Rong Media Center on April 4 (reporter Liu Lijuan Li Pu) in recent days, Qinzhou district municipal facilities departments seize the opportunity to integrate forces, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the damaged road surface, sunken manhole covers and other hidden dangers of the city to repair and improve, protect the citizens “foot safety.”Reporters in the youth north road to see, the scene pulled up a warning sign, the staff is on the sinking manhole cover pit groove for spreading, rolling, repair.District municipal facilities affairs service center maintenance and maintenance of staff Wang Xiaowei said: “in accordance with the arrangement of the district Housing bureau, we qinzhou district municipal facilities affairs service center of the old manhole covers of the main city unified replacement, so that the road smooth, to bring a good experience to the public travel.”It is understood that the road repair, the staff in the premise of personal protection, in accordance with the requirements of the “first main road after the secondary road”, to take the “5+2” mode, the investigation of damaged road, sunken manhole cover and other safety hazards for comprehensive maintenance and maintenance.District municipal facilities service center office deputy director Zhao Tiantian said:”Up to now, we have repaired more than 220 damaged roads, covering an area of more than 4,300 square meters, through the whole section of Henan Road, qili Dun to Shuangqiao section of Xi Huang Avenue, Youth South Road, Minshan Road, Minyu Road, chunfeng Road and other main and secondary roads, and completed the upgrading of more than 60 sunken manhole covers in Jianshe Road and Minzhu Road.”In the next step, the municipal Facilities Service Center of the district will continue to consolidate responsibilities and conduct comprehensive investigations, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, orderly promote the maintenance of urban infrastructure and municipal facilities, and protect the “foot safety” of the general public.(Editing/Review by Koh Ya-hsin/Sin Chi-cheung)