The enhanced immunization of COVID-19 vaccine in China has an inhibitory effect on breakthrough infection of Omicron strain

2022-06-16 0 By

This afternoon (February 19), the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council held a press conference.As of January 20, tianjin and Anyang have reported 759 cases of the omicron strain.There were only 4 severe cases in Tianjin, and no severe cases in Anyang transmission chain, with the incidence of severe cases being only about 0.6%, indicating that omicron itself caused relatively mild symptoms.However, our studies have found that within 6 months of completion of immunization, the risk of pneumonia (ordinary type and above) in novel coronavirus infected persons can be reduced by 60%.In the closely connected population, the breakout infection rate of completed basic immunization and enhanced immunization was 22.6% and 6.0%, respectively.The breakthrough infection rate of omicron could be reduced by more than 3 times compared with that of basic immunization.These data indicate that for the omicron strain, China’s COVID-19 vaccine can reduce the risk of pneumonia, thus reducing the incidence of severe illness and death.Enhanced immunization with COVID-19 vaccine in China has an inhibitory effect on breakout infection of omicron strain, which can reduce the retransmission capacity of Omicron strain.So our vaccine is also effective against Omicron, and the effect of boosting immunity is even more remarkable.Source: Jinyun Review: Ma Xu braid: Wang Chen