To teach children proper social interaction, “toxic friendships” must be discovered early and removed early

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“Mom, can you give me $100?”Tension home just came home from work to see his daughter rushed over, red eyes with their grievances pray.Looking at the daughter carefully and poor appearance, tension in the heart feel very uncomfortable, he quickly asked his daughter what happened.After his daughter’s runny nose and tears, Zhang Learned that his daughter’s deskmate often bullied him because of little things in school. The deskmate said that if Zhang’s daughter could give him 100 yuan, he would consider making friends with her and not bullying her.After listening to the daughter this narrative, tension in the mind both angry and angry.Zhang Asked his daughter, “Nini, do you want to be friends with your deskmate?”Unexpectedly, the daughter replied, “Yes, as long as I make friends with him, he will not bully me.”Tension heart a surprise, quickly correct the child and the value concept of human communication.It’s good to have friends, but if you have toxic friends, stay away from them.1. Bad friendship will destroy children’s correct communication concepts and destroy the sunshine and healthy heart.If the child is in line with do not want to be bullied by each other, so want to make friends with each other this concept and friends, that will undoubtedly let the child become pleasing personality.In normal communication, friends should respect each other and treat each other sincerely.If one of you is too pushy and tries to bully your friends, that’s a twisted and unhealthy relationship.When children are young, they are in a critical period when their self-cognition is gradually improved, their outlook on the world and values are gradually improved, and their character is also being well improved. If there is pressure on children in interpersonal communication at this stage.Think that only good to please others, others will be willing to communicate with their own ideas, then the child’s character is also submissive, again and again.This kind of thinking about others, not their own inner feelings, it is easy to destroy the child’s own sunshine and vitality.Bad friends can easily spoil a child’s character.Friendship between friends affects not only one’s ability to communicate with others, but also one’s conduct and way of doing things.Because children are dealing with this kind of people for a long time, so whether it is the other party’s way of doing things or words and deeds, will deeply affect the formation of children’s values.If the child’s friend happens to be the kind of unprofessional, moral, moral children, it is undoubtedly a huge impact on the child.How to identify and teach children to stay away from toxic friends?The key point to judge whether your friend is a toxic friend lies in the following aspects. Parents should find out early and intervene early.1. In this friendship, the way the two people get along with each other is quite different. The child is often not only despised by his friends, but also verbally attacked by his friends.2. This friendship makes the child lose confidence in himself. Good friendship makes people become positive, healthy and upward, but this friendship often makes the child become in a bad mood, depressed and even disgusted with himself.3. Clearly feel that the other party’s behavior and ideological and moral corruption, will profoundly affect the formation of children’s values and character.Because the child is still young, can not distinguish which are good friends, which are toxic friends, so parents and friends must help the child to distinguish, if it is found that the child in a friend relationship often depressed unhappy, parents should pay attention to.Disclaimer: All the photos are from Instagram, and the blogger is @kidzootd. If you have your own unique insight into parenting, or have encountered a problem that makes you feel confused, feel free to discuss it