Tongliao railway transport court held a work promotion meeting

2022-06-16 0 By

In order to plan, carry out and implement the work well in the near future, tongliao Railway Transport Court held the recent work promotion meeting on the morning of February 14th, which was presided over by Secretary of the Party Group and president Yili Letu. The leaders of the Court and the heads and deputy officers of all departments attended the meeting.The meeting was first arranged by The party Secretary and president Yili Letu on the quality and efficiency of the trial indicators, the rule of law publicity and education, the reform of the function positioning of the trial level and judicial reform and other recent key work.The meeting stressed that the whole college should create a good atmosphere for completing the key work in 2022, concentrate their minds, coordinate and adjust their work status as soon as possible, and complete all tasks with full enthusiasm and down-to-earth work style.First, from a higher political standpoint, we implemented all key tasks to the letter.To further strengthen the “four awareness”, strengthen the “four confidence”, achieve the “two safeguard”, continue to carry out the study and education of party history, unremittingly strengthen theoretical armed, resolutely win the ideological positional warfare, earnestly perform their duties.Second, we will take stronger responsibilities and actively serve to ensure high-quality economic development and overall social stability.Focusing on the theme of justice and efficiency, we strictly perform our duties, broaden the channels of judicial publicity, improve the level of research ability, clarify the direction of theoretical research, and select and hire specially invited mediators and mediation organizations.The third is to take more practical measures to meet the growing judicial needs of the people.Raise consciousness for the people, strengthen infrastructure construction, plan cultural position form.We will carry out regular activities to do practical things for the people.We will improve the law-based business environment.We will pay attention to trial management, improve quality and efficiency indicators, shorten the period of case handling, and strengthen the analysis of trial situation.Fourth, the modernization of judicial system and judicial capacity should be promoted through a deeper reform process.We will deepen the reform of the judicial accountability system, consolidate the achievements made in the reform of the case-filing and registration system, step up efforts to handle letters and visits, strengthen judicial restraint and supervision, and further deepen the development of smart courts.We improved the system of liaison officers for the pilot judicial reform, set up a leading group, set up a sound data ledger for the pilot work, and actively promoted the work.The wind is raising its sails, and the renewed vigor is striving to write a new chapter.Participating officers said that they would take this meeting as a starting point to promote the high-quality development of various work and meet the 20th victory of the Party with excellent results.(jade (wang lu)