A lesson from the Russo-Ukrainian war

2022-06-17 0 By

The war between Russia and Ukraine lasted a long time and there were many factors involved.Especially from the humanitarian point of view, In order to avoid being seized by other Western countries, Russia did not injure civilians on a large scale, causing many constraints, which formed obstacles for the rapid advancement of the war.I want to say that the enlightenment has the following aspects, for our country to carry out modern war, defend territory, provide some personal views.First, reconnaissance uav will play a greater role in the future battlefield.To avoid more casualties, the use of drones will be greatly expanded.In addition to destroying larger targets, uAVs can also be used to detect extremely concealed enemy targets.Both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war gave full play to various roles of UAV in the battlefield, which provided reference for the use of UAV in the battlefield in China.There is no substitute for highly accurate missiles in destroying major enemy military targets.In the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian army used high-precision guided missiles to repeatedly destroy large military targets of the Ukrainian army, which caused great losses to the Ukrainian army and significantly reduced its combat effectiveness.In later wars, highly accurate missiles came into play.Our country should increase the equipment rocket army in this respect, and increase the reserve.Third, increase the use of rocket launchers.Our country is ahead in rocket artillery equipment.Rocket launchers destroy enemy targets on the battlefield, because of the large amount of ammunition in a short time, the effect is obvious.The rocket launcher is also highly mobile and has a high survival ability.Fourth, increase the application of individual missiles.Individual missile is not only lethal to enemy tanks and armored vehicles, but also a great threat to enemy low-flying helicopters.In other battlefields, the field commander has the best say in which weapons are used to suit the battlefield.I’m not a military expert, so I don’t know.I am just saying that from the Russo-Ukrainian war, I saw the excellent performance of these weapons on the battlefield.Please advise.