Call Shanghai in 10 minutes!Us nuclear submarine appears in Guam, China emergency blockade waters

2022-06-17 0 By

The United States, which has been sending warships to the western Pacific, has sent its own nuclear submarine, the Nevada, to Guam, the southernmost island of the Mariana Islands.It is an “unofficial territory” of the United States. It is 9,800 km from the US, but only 3,010 km from the Chinese mainland. This time they sent a strategic nuclear submarine to Guam, which is full of provocations.Observers say U.S. nuclear missile submarines have been stationed in Guam since 2016, a major shift in military strategy.Is significant for China, but also from recent U.S. military base in China, this time to send “Nevada”,, the strong weapon of the navy standard displacement can reach 27500 tons, load ship personnel more than 1300 people, and have a world-class mute effect, is the “killer app” on the sea, its damage is extremely high,It can launch 24 icBMs in less than a minute, which is also extremely fast.America’s military strength is seen, the United States is not only a Guam deployment, also sent three carrier battle group, has appeared in China’s surrounding, this time sent such a powerful strategic nuclear submarines in Guam, this makes the guard against the heart of China, once launched the war, the 10 minutes can call to Shanghai.This makes The Chinese side to seal off the sea area, prohibit any ships to enter, “Nevada” is quite strong, once launched successfully, can blow 24 cities a big crater.Us to silence really grasp all the time everywhere in pressing China, select during the Olympics, to send around the carrier battle group in China, and the “mission” in Guam, Taiwan has also been threatened, the United States through the form from many bearings and angles, and widely on China, and we have a strong response to it,But the United States remains unmoved. The waters are off limits to military exercises and no trespassing vessels.And behavior in the United States have greatly exceeded the jurisdiction, such aggressive behavior, allowing China to raise vigilance, the practice of the United States is of provocation, and China is not a warlike country, has been peaceful, but for the practice of, let us feel the lack of sincerity, the U.S. has been aimed at China,Is to want to suppress the development of China reduce international influence, no matter what things to consider the consequences, if there is war, the outcome is the same, there is no winner for power between the war, only will be implicated in innocent people, between the two countries at war, there will be many Allies to join, then affects the people of the world.Some sources: Defense Times