Jiangda green and efficient greenhouse control technology selected in 2021 “Science and Innovation China” list

2022-06-17 0 By

Kingsoft network news recently, The Chinese Association for Science and Technology published about 2021 “Science and innovation China” list selection results.The reporter learned from the Municipal Association for Science and Technology that the green and efficient greenhouse equipment and environmental intelligent control technology developed by Jiangsu University were selected in the 2021 “Science and Innovation China” list.Facility agriculture covers more than 4 million hectares and is the main supporting industry of China’s vegetable basket project.However, the greenhouse equipment technology is difficult to measure and control the greenhouse crop-environment coupling, large greenhouse energy dissipation, complex system, difficult to integrate, greenhouse green efficient energy saving technology, new equipment without major breakthrough pain points and difficulties.After 10 years of continuous research, Jiangsu University has conquered the greenhouse information perception and environmental control methods, green and efficient greenhouse technology, created new greenhouse equipment, formed a series, integrated and intelligent greenhouse equipment integration technology and production mode, and built the greenhouse environmental intelligent control core technology system.It is understood that the technology was selected in the “2021 China intelligent manufacturing ten scientific and technological progress” results, research results have been widely promoted and applied, achieved significant economic, social and ecological benefits, promote the scientific and technological progress of the greenhouse industry.(Reporter Chen Zhikui)