Old man: why is the night bleak, children do not like?The reason is pretty straightforward

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Emotional topic interpretation, take you into more positive emotional world!I am your emotional troubleshooter, but you have to learn to let yourself go!Article | wind stopped berth at night, original copy, if a person into old age, the most afraid of outlook and desolate!How many people are so powerful in their youth, and miserable in their old age, but they can’t escape the misery of their few remaining years?The problem of supporting the old and feeding the children is a battle without smoke between dispute and resonance in the current society.It seems that, in the face of this problem, between the young and the old, will be at loggerheads, rare harmony, to the point.Part of the old people think, I raise you small, you support me always natural.Some young people think that you “gave birth to me” without my consent, and you did not do what elders should do, so you have no reason to support your old me.In fact, young people do not support the elderly, many times it is really the elderly themselves accounted for a large reason.Living and raising are two different things.Raising and teaching are two different things.Some parents think, I have given the best to their children, why children are still unfilial to themselves?In fact, from the point of view of virtue and conscience, there is no refutation that the young should support the old.But in the real society, it is not uncommon to see the old man who has planted the cause of no virtue and then reaped the bleak fruit!Digging deeper into the overreaction of some young people to “reverse feeding”, we really want to say “serves them right” to those who are in a miserable old age.Qualified parents, let a child’s childhood heal the rest of his life.Unqualified parents, will let the child cure childhood for the rest of his life!The harm that the original family brings to the child is the negative influence of the whole life.For such a live side endure young people, how will not produce reverse psychology to reverse feeding?The reality of the present, people old night bleak, children do not like the reason, really very straightforward!After reading it, I really understand part of the young people: First, when I was young, I had betrayed or biased some parents, because I was a lack of sense of responsibility and awe, so that I had betrayed in the relationship.In the process of betrayal, he gave up the eyes and children for the third person, only to be driven by desire to forget to look at the old age!When such children grow up, they carry the betrayal of their parents into their lives.Deeply affected by “rejection”, I am fragile, sensitive and suspicious, and find it difficult to trust others in my life.In addition, children who grow up in families that have experienced betrayal are generally unable to have practical trust in the relationship due to the lack of sense of security, and are doomed to be either humble and cater to or too strong in the relationship between men and women, which makes it difficult to obtain happiness.Still some parents, because of his eccentric, and let not be favored children psychological imbalance, let the favored children “long crooked”.Finally, love and do not love, are not grateful to their own!In the face of parents who have brought harm to their growth, children will only complain and resent.Even feeding and supporting children is a matter of public conscience, and has nothing to do with true gratitude!For the betrayer, if you have a lot of dissatisfaction, you can choose to end the relationship or temporarily not to have children. For the eccentric, you should know that you also want to get the balance of love from your parents!Why bring a child into the world if you can’t be the most faithful?If the balance of love cannot be achieved, why have so many children?In the face of such two kinds of parents, children can really do from the heart to feed the people, almost zero!Such an old man never deserves pity!Second: Too much involvement in children’s lives, the vast majority of parents want their children well.Except for one kind of parent!That is: controlling parents!Such parents, in the name of all their actions for the good of the young, are actually to highlight their own omnipotence.In psychology, such parents are called “toxic” parents.Perhaps because of their own life is not smooth, perhaps because of their own past shortcomings, so as parents, they must see their children as their own dream “tools”.Either they force their children to do things they don’t like to do, or they force their children to follow their opinions when making any decisions…Children who have been controlled by their parents for so long will try every means to escape their parents’ control when they finally become adults.When parents are old and need their children to be “filial”, if the parents have not changed their former desire for control, then the children will no longer obey such parents.As parents get older, their children have the ability to live independently or because they have the ability to rebel.Therefore, it is not easy for children to speak well to their parents who continue to control them.Many sons and daughters resent their parents for being too controlling and interfering in their lives!Because, have been controlled too long, own life and personality are incomplete!So that they will put all the obstacles in life, when their parents need to be supported in their old age, with their parents do not know how to convergence as the fuse, a anger, indifference to “feedback” to their parents!As parents, it is important to understand that you really own your children, that is, in the years before school and even in college, parents should learn to be friends with their children, not “adults” who decide for them.Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and there is a difference between parents giving advice and smothering them by interfering too much.In particular, some parents not only interfere in their children’s life but also interfere in their children’s marriage relationship, so that their children’s whole life is messed up by their parents. Do you say that children will do their best to feed such parents?No matter how you controlled your children in the past, learn to let go as you get older!Let the children also let go of their own, is the smart move!At least, to be in their own hundred years, let children miss their point is not in vain!Third: “Su Daqiang” type old man “all very good” su Daqiang, is a full “make” word big coffee!Everything only stand in their own point of view to capricious: his wife sick, because of his dissatisfaction with his wife deliberately not timely rescue.Later, after the death of his wife, and the second son living, secretly bad health, do not speak hygiene, and do not often in the side of the eldest son play bitter drama, let the second son suffer “fire” suffering;Then god made su Daqiang, regardless of the status quo of children forced children to buy a big house for themselves, and his CAI root flower baby to a wishful yellow faint love!A love that accompany CAI Root flower premeditated is not, want to jump off a building to hide shame……It seems that su Daqiang’s existence is for the sake of children.All the good advice of their children are deaf to them. They never consider their children’s feelings when they want to do anything.Truly qualified old people, all worry that they will give their children too much trouble.But we look at the su Daqiang type of old man, 24 hours a day, only for their own enjoyment and happiness.And, once upon a time su Daqiang in the whole Su family, never did a qualified father.Everything is done by the wife, the responsibility is naturally undertaken by the wife……Such an old man, even is only in the TV series, the harvest of filial piety children feed back the good fruit.Just, the TV play comes from real life, and such an old man in real life, surely no one will take a look at him!When you are old, no matter what kind of person you are when you are young, you can’t escape the expectation of raising your children in your old age.If you don’t want to be bored by your children, you must talk less and give them less trouble.You may be an unqualified parent when you are young, but when you get older and need your children to feed you, you should learn to understand and not bring your quirks to the present.Filial children are still long before the hospital bed without filial son, and then encounter people’s energy and patience is limited, when as an old man only consider their own god make regardless of the status quo of children to add chaos, you say who will be a little more warm feedback to such an old man?When you get old, no matter what kind of parents you used to be, don’t do these three things: control your children, go back to your original children to be supported after betraying them, and be selfish.That’s hard advice, and it’s really good for you!Only hope that the feedback feeding is children from the heart rather than being kidnapped by morality, parents are also worthy of the place should enjoy the feedback of the happiness of the family!Wish all parents can carry clear in their later years, wish all children can timely filial piety, don’t regret it when their parents leave!Love is the purgatory of man in the world.Love or friendship, at the right time to meet the right people can achieve a positive result!What do you think is the biggest conflict between young people and their parents?Welcome to leave a comment.