“The Queen of Kings” reveals photos of black Panther’s original female Royal Guard

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1905 Film Network news, The historical drama “The Woman King” (The Woman King) released stills.In the photos, Viola Davis stars as General Naniska, wielding a machete and defending his country alongside his own people.From the looks of it, it will tell the story of the Dahomey women warriors, an African female tribe.Dahomey was a real woman warrior in history and was the model for the female Royal Guard in Black Panther.Dahomey, benin’s old name, was a transit point for slaves from the 16th century and was known in the West as the “Slave Coast” for 300 years.Active in the slave trade until the end of the 19th century, the slave trade ended in 1885 when the last Portuguese merchant ship loaded with slaves left The port of Vida.The history of the Dahomey kingdom dates back to the early 17th century when a force from the greater Adderra kingdom of the region moved north to create the Dahomey Kingdom.Dahomey female warrior is the kingdom of the fifth King Agaja established, the first is a female bodyguard attribute of the army, later the king developed this armed force into a female militia force, this is a real combat front line women troops.In 1727 they successfully conquered the kingdom of Vader, the largest center of the slave trade in the world.In 1729, he changed the women’s troop into a female legion.This was made up of women from all over the country, who were loyal to the king and called themselves “the King’s wives”.Before they can officially become soldiers, they go through two years of brutal training, and these women soldiers are known for their prowess on the battlefield.Davis joins Tusso Mbedu, Lasana Lynch, John Boyega, Helo Fienes-Tiffin, Jamie Lawson and others in the film, which is directed by Gina Prins-Byswood (The Secret Life of Bees) and opens in North America on September 16.