Zheng Zhiwen, a wealthy woman in Hong Kong, left more than 20 five-star hotels after her grandfather started her business for 1.1 billion yuan

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Mention of the female rich in Hong Kong, we may first think of Pansy Ho, after all, as the daughter of the gambling king, in strength and other aspects is not to be underestimated.But there is another local millionaire, Zheng Zhiwen, who has managed to become the local hotel queen in her own right.So how did she get the title?In fact, we don’t know a lot about rich women in Hong Kong, and many people don’t know much about Cheng Zhiwen.But when it comes to Cheng Yu-tung, the man who made CHOW Tai Fook bigger and stronger, you should be familiar with him.It is worth noting that Zheng Zhiwen is his granddaughter, which can also be seen that her own family strength is relatively strong.Although she was born a little princess and was loved by Cheng Yu-tong, she proved to everyone that women were inferior to men.In the eyes of outsiders, she is the daughter of the Cheng family, but in reality, she is more business-minded and can be called the queen of the hotel industry.It was because of her great strength in the business field that Cheng Yu-tong was very fond of her.It is also worth noting that Cheng zhiwen could not have achieved what she has achieved without the support of Cheng Yu-tung.This is mainly because, as early as when she started her own business, her grandfather had given her 1.1 billion start-up capital.What’s going on here?To be specific, Zheng Zhiwen has been working very hard on her studies since she was a child. Therefore, she was admitted to Harvard University with excellent scores.After graduating from university, she chose to return to Hong Kong and became very interested in the local hotel business, which may also be due to the fact that she came from a business family.As we all know, At the beginning of Cheng Yu-tong in the jewelry industry, it can be said that the wind is thriving.So far, CHOW Tai Fook has entered the ranks of the top ten luxury brands.It is worth noting that the brand is where it is today thanks to Cheng Yu-tung.After he took CTF to the next level, he expanded into other areas, including New World Development, one of His listed companies.Since returning home, Cheng has been trying to build the company’s hotel business into the biggest in Asia.Zheng Yu-tong was naturally aware of her strength and ambition, so he gave Her 1.1 billion yuan to start her own business.After Ms. Cheng received the money, she poured it all into the hotel business, building 16 luxury hotels.And since then, Cheng has kept the hotels in good order.It is also because of this that Cheng yu-tung finds that she has real talent in this area, not just talk about it.So before he died, cheng left more than 20 five-star hotels for her.These five-star hotels are mainly the hotel business of the new world.Chow Tai Fook and New World are among the six strong listed companies in Cheng yu-tung’s hands.Although the profit of New World is only about 100 million yuan in 2020, the growth rate of the enterprise has reached 82.87%.So say, this enterprise in the future, still have very big development potential.After the hotel queen will take over the enterprise, it will also be developed to a higher level.Remarkably, after Ms. Cheng took over the hotels, she turned them into new brands.In addition, in order to better develop the hotel business, she also invested 20 billion yuan in the hotel field, the purpose is to develop their hotels to the world.However, it is worth noting that although Zheng Zhiwen now owns many hotels, she still has some deficiencies in performance.New World’s hotel business, which she took over, had revenues of just over $200m in 2018.Can say, zheng Zhiwen now pay and return is not proportional.In fact, this phenomenon is quite normal, after all, business talent is rare, more or for their own goals, constantly struggle.Now, Zheng Zhiwen also relies on her own efforts to make her worth up to tens of billions of yuan, although not as high as Cheng Yu-tong’s worth of 200 billion yuan before, but in the future, this can also be her goal.