70-year-old man: It’s stupid not to know how to save for myself. That’s why I’m so miserable in my old age

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When I was young, my wife and I both had jobs. Although the salary was not high, we were both satisfied.After I had a child, I started to work hard because I didn’t want my son to lose at the starting line.For my generation, sons are hope.I want to give him everything I have.When he was 25 years old, HE said he was going to start his own business, so I took out 300,000 of my savings to support my son’s business no matter what.At that time, my neighbor Meng reminded me not to give all my money to my son, but to think for myself. Money is very important to the old man.I paid no attention to his advice.As far as I am concerned, I will have a pension, my son will be successful, and he will take care of me and my wife.However, these are just my imagination, a lot of things only happened to know what is the most important thing in life.After 60 years old, MY health is not as good as before, and my wife’s condition is worse than mine.She had been ill and had spent a lot of money, but her illness had not been effectively alleviated.My savings had been depleted, so I asked my son to sell the house and I was going to treat my wife no matter what.However, he had a partner and was planning to get married at that time, so he hesitated very much. As a result, he made a mistake in the best treatment time, and his wife left me soon.At that time, I was really sad, but I still did not wake up to the fact that every month’s retirement salary, I almost gave to my son.I felt like we lived together and didn’t need to spend much money, so I didn’t think much about myself.But my daughter-in-law didn’t like me and asked me to go back to my hometown many times.They always quarreled because they didn’t have me. Later, my son put me in a nursing home.He and his daughter-in-law did not want to spend much money, and the nursing home was not in a good environment, and the staff treated me badly.After I moved in, my son rarely came to see me, much less my daughter-in-law.I had no money of my own, and my clothes were old.People are selfish. The poorer they are, the easier they are to be looked down upon. The old people in the nursing home often bully me, and the staff also give me bad looks.Even if I’m not feeling well, I don’t dare say so. I’m just causing trouble for others.Now that I’m 70, I really regret not having saved more for myself to make my old age so miserable.If I could be kind to myself and always think about my son, and now I have a lot of savings, I could get a nurse.Even in a nursing home, I can find a place that pays well.My neighbor, Lao Meng, is very smart. He leads a very comfortable life. Because he is rich, he can remarry even if his wife leaves and his children are not filial.Only I am the stupidest person who gave everything to my son, and now life is so hard.Because I had no money, no one treated me well.People are so selfish. Even my grandson, who knows I am old, can only give him a little red envelope for Chinese New Year, and he is not very close to me.What I regret most in my life is that I don’t know how to think for myself.If money had been more important before, life would have been different without placing all our hopes on our son.I want to remind more people who are getting old to save more money for themselves once they are over 50.Don’t feel old, money is useless and so on, only you have money, can not see the ugly of human nature, to get more warmth, this is the most real appearance of life.Conclusion: Uncle Chen was so selfless that he gave all his money to his son, but he didn’t get the filial respect he deserved.It’s not worth it.In fact, there are a lot of poor old people like Uncle Chen, they are too kind, just let their old age into trouble.If you don’t want to be miserable, save more money for yourself.Of course, we do not mean to be the most selfish person, if their children are really in trouble, they can do their best.Just don’t place your life on who, people in this life can rely on your own.When you live realistically, you can take control of your life.