A buy into the third largest shareholder well-known “fry master” hit heavy money this company’s share price how to go?

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Late February 9, tianshan co disclosure issue report, have combined to 16 investors issued 315 million shares of class A shares, raising the total 4.247 billion yuan, be allocated object both conch cement industry bibcock, jidong cement, reference cement, etc., there is also A well-known fund e, harvest fund and foreign well-known investment institutions such as jpmorgan chase, ubs.”The most will fry the listed company” conch cement again!News, tianshan shares of a boiling bar.Many investors expect tianshan shares to rise.Conch cement 1 billion yuan to participate in the value of peers must be noted, Tianshan share issuance report shows that conch cement this investment of 1 billion yuan to participate in the tianshan share increase, Jidong Cement holding subsidiary Jinyu Dingxin cement subscribe 500 million yuan, Shangfeng cement wholly-owned subsidiary Shangfeng building materials 300 million yuan to participate in the subscription.The price of this issue is 13.50 yuan/share. After the registration of the additional issue, Conch Cement holds 0.86% of Tianshan shares and ranks the third largest shareholder. Before this additional issue, Conch Cement was not among the top ten shareholders of Tianshan Shares.Jinyu Dingxin Cement holding 0.43%, the sixth largest shareholder;Shangfeng building Materials will hold 0.26 per cent of Tianshan, making it the 10th largest shareholder.Tianshan stake is China’s building materials group, cement plate platform of listed companies, in the south, southwest, China united cement, cement cement in materials such as cement on a large scale after reorganization, has become the world’s largest cement enterprise group, has clinker production capacity of 300 million tons, after the integration of new shares tianshan capacity and business scale in the industry first, more complete industry chain,Main business and core competitive advantages are further highlighted.In recent years, continuously strengthen cooperation between cement building materials enterprises, for the “buy buy”, conch cement, said tianshan shares as large domestic cement enterprises, has strong influence in the cement industry, the company and its equity cooperation, sustainable and stronger, do big companies are making cement, but also to maintain the healthy and orderly development of cement industry.Shangfeng Cement also said that some subsidiaries of Tianshan Shares in the high-quality development of the industry and the company has a good model role, the optimization and improvement of the industry pattern is also conducive to enhance the confidence of the industry development.In fact, conch cement has been a big seller since the second half of 2021.At the end of 2021, Conch shares have just participated in the peer increase.Conch Cement announced December 21 evening, the company intends to use its own funds 1.76 billion yuan to participate in the subscription of non-public development of China Western Construction A shares, the number of 251 million shares.After the completion of the subscription, Conch Cement will hold 16.3 percent of western Construction, becoming the second largest shareholder of Western Construction.The second day after the announcement, west Cement stock harvest a trading limit.Later, The share price of Western Construction also surpassed the pre-2021 high, reaching as high as 9.61 yuan per share.On the evening of October 8, 2021, Yatai Group also announced that it was awarded the conch cement license.According to the announcement of Yatai Group at that time, from July 7, 2021 to October 8, Conch cement in a concentrated bid to buy yatai group shares.As of October 8, 2021, Conch Cement bought 162 million shares of Yatai Group, accounting for 5% of the issued shares of Yatai Group.Stimulated by the news of conch Cement’s bid, Yatai Group’s share price rose by more than 40% in the six trading days from October 8 to October 15, 2021.And Tianshan shares, western construction and Yatai Group are conch cement industry companies.Public information shows that Western Construction is the leading comprehensive service provider of building materials industry in China. The company focuses on the production of ready-mixed concrete, radiation cement, admixture, commercial mortar, sand and stone aggregate, logistics and transportation, technology research and development and service, testing, comprehensive utilization of resources, e-commerce and other businesses.Yatai Group is equipped with 29 grinding stations (16 of which are over 1 million tons) and 17 clinker production lines in the three provinces of Northeast China, including 8 of which are 5000 tons and 9 of which are 2500 tons.At present, Yatai Group ranks 12th among the top 20 cement clinker production capacity in China.Conch Cement is the leader of a-share cement plate, with A total market value of 222.94 billion yuan.Tianshan shares and western construction of the increase, yatai group, as conch cement is the “routine operation”.In A stock market, Conch cement has set A record of 1.8 billion yuan.According to incomplete statistics, from 2006 to now, Conch cement bought stocks including Chaodong shares (now: New force finance), Jidong Cement, Qilian Mountain, Fujian cement, Huaxin cement, Jiangxi cement (now: evergreen), with force cement, Qingsong jianhua, etc..It is not difficult to find that conch cement operation style is very unified, investment is basically their peers.Moreover, conch cement is good at low continuous bottom, high speed reduction.Take Jidong Cement as an example, from April to August 2008, when jidong Cement stock price continued to decline, Conch cement continued to buy, complete the first lift.January – April 2010, jidong Cement suffered two sharp falls, Conch cement again, the second time jidong Cement.Subsequently, Conch cement completed in 2011 to Jidong cement for the third time, and after this increase in jidong cement.By the end of 2014, conch Cement has reached 267 million shares, accounting for 19.84% of the total share capital of Jidong Cement.In 2015, 2017, Jidong Cement stock price to the high, conch cement on its holdings.In the first half of 2017, Conch Cement earned 1.8 billion yuan by “trading stocks” alone.The company’s annual report shows that, through holding, reducing the holding of xinli Finance, West Cement, Jidong Cement, *ST Qingsong (now: Qingsong Jianhua) four listed companies, the investment income will reach 1.87 billion yuan.Among them, the reduction of Jidong cement, *ST Qingsong to achieve a total of 1.72 billion yuan income.