Cuban missile crisis “all over again”!Putin wants to put missiles on US doorstep and Biden just chickened out

2022-06-18 0 By

Cuba is an island nation in North America, located in the northern Caribbean Sea.Because of its special location, it is regarded as the “back garden” of the United States.During the Cold War, the United States put medium-range ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey to deter the Soviet Union. In response, the Soviet Union decided to place missiles in Cuba.Known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, the crisis was the most serious confrontation during the Cold War, only one step away from the outbreak of nuclear war.In the end, both sides compromised and avoided a major conflict that threatened the world.Now the border conflict between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse, and tensions between Russia and the United States are once again at loggerheads.In this context, Russia has sought a peaceful solution to the Ukraine issue.Russia opened talks with the United States, NATO and the OsCE and reiterated its demand that NATO’s eastward expansion be halted.Western countries argue that Russia is not a member of NATO and has no right to interfere in the organization’s affairs.Russia says it will strike back if the United States and other NATO members refuse to respond to calls to halt expansion.The possibility of deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba, Venezuela and other countries is not ruled out.Russia seems to be anticipating a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis.It is learnt that Russia built missile launch bases in Cuba during the Cold War, and the communication and cooperation between the two sides have been strengthened in recent years.In 2018, Russia provided substantial military aid to Venezuela.On that basis, Russia could easily deploy nuclear missiles on America’s doorstep.In the face of Russia’s warnings and threats, the United States has to be on high alert, and the once confident President Joe Biden has to throw in the towel.It is said that the US military has sent reconnaissance aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft to the relevant area for three consecutive days.At a time when the border conflict between Russia and Ukraine was tense, the US said it should launch a nuclear strike against Russia.In fact, the U.S. is also worried that Russia will use nuclear weapons first.In order to avoid a global catastrophe, the presidents of the United States and Russia said at their summit that they were determined to avoid nuclear war.Shortly after 2022, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council issued a joint statement rejecting nuclear war and promising not to launch nuclear strikes against other non-nuclear states.Us authorities say the US wants a commitment not to be the first to use nuclear weapons.Only when the United States is hit with an equal blow will it use nuclear weapons to strike back.The U.S. plan is opposed by many of its Allies, with Japan, South Korea and others arguing that the U.S. would lose an important guarantee of their security if it imposed such a restriction.Although the United States also participated in the joint statement, it is important to note that the United States has always seen itself as the maker of international rules.In September 2021, the United States also formed a new trilateral security partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia. The United States also promised to provide nuclear technology support to Australia to help it build nuclear submarines.Enriched uranium in nuclear submarines is more than 95 percent enriched uranium, which means that the United States is undoubtedly carrying out nuclear proliferation, the United States practice has significantly increased the nuclear risk worldwide.This shows that the United States remains committed to an “America First” policy.Under this premise, even if the United States makes a promise not to launch a nuclear war, its credibility is still not high.