England lifted all restrictions this month, a month ahead of schedule, and confirmed cases did not need to be quarantined

2022-06-18 0 By

In a dramatic move announced in The UK, all restrictions will be lifted in England after February 21st, a month earlier than the original date of March 24th.The UK was lifted early because of a sharp drop in new cases there.The number of new cases in the UK is now around 60,000, down 41.1% from more than 110,000 at the same time last week.So, the UK thinks it’s time to lie down and lift the restrictions and let people get on with their lives.Most of the measures were lifted in England after the restrictions were lifted.For example, patients who test positive do not need to be quarantined in the future.They can live a free life just like ordinary people.For those diagnosed, this is a boon.In addition to Scotland, Britain is considering lifting restrictions in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.We can’t just let England have these benefits. We all deserve them.However, The Scottish side is still more cautious.Sturgeon, England’s first minister, said isolation and masks were one of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the disease.If new decisions are made, they need to be based on the latest clinical advice and careful consideration of the risks.Scotland is one of the most disobedient parts of The UK. Scotland has fought for independence many times and wants to break away from the UK.Scotland’s refusal to follow Britain’s lead is understandable.There was nothing England could say about it.”We will be the freest country in Europe,” said Health Secretary Sajid Javid.Britain’s ability to do so is indeed the envy of much of Europe.Other countries are still battling the virus, with travel restrictions and less freedom than people in the UK.England’s lifting of all restrictions has raised eyebrows.Some people have raised doubts that although the mortality rate and severe disease rate of omicron are low, for the elderly with underlying diseases, the harm of omicron should not be underestimated.In Britain, old people retire at the age of 65 and make no contribution to society.The old man was infected with Omicron, easing the pressure on Britain.Britain’s transformation into a youth-oriented nation is good for the country.Maybe a lot of people don’t understand the UK, the British believe in Darwinism, survival of the fittest.Such values go against the human civilization of equality and fraternity and are not applicable to other countries.Therefore, other civilized countries should not follow Britain’s example and should adjust their quarantine strategies according to their own national conditions.(Post/Twitter)