Laker manipulation exposed!Win-win 2 for 1, king James for 20+7 star, Westbrook for the bench

2022-06-18 0 By

The lakers’ desire for a trade is well known around the league, so there have been a number of bad teams officially linked to the lakers lately.The Us media has revealed that the Lakers are currently negotiating a blockbuster trade.The lakers are back in talks with their longtime friends, the Wizards, who have been off to a rocky start this season.They found that the new point guard they acquired after the summer release of Westbrook, Dinwiddie, didn’t have the quality and attitude they needed.So the Wizards also want to make a dinwiddie trade with the Lakers.With the Lakers willing to offer tucker and a future draft pick, the Wizards don’t have much patience for Dinwiddie this season.Now I also think this offer is good, both sides may reach the possibility of a deal at any time.Dinwiddie as the nets in the value of the average 20+7 star, although this year is a bit of a drag.He’s averaging just 14 points, six assists and five rebounds per game, but considering he hasn’t had to carry the offensive load since coming to the Lakers.Just take care of the organization and lead the bench when James and Davis rest.With the Lakers, he won’t be on the receiving end of heavy defense, and scoring is likely to rebound.Dinwiddie is already a good fit for westbrook’s lack of composure and negative impact on the team.Westbrook is now almost certainly difficult to trade, king James can only get dinwiddie help, let westbrook honest play bench!Tucker also showed his true colors this season when he signed a big contract, going from a good asset to a negative asset.It’s definitely a good decision to get out early now, otherwise it’s probably going to suck later on.