Shangyin Wagang: intimate service to send door-to-door epidemic prevention measures more accurate

2022-06-18 0 By

In order to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures and protect the health and life safety of villagers in the area under their jurisdiction, Wagang Township insists on combining strict control with considerate services and taking multiple measures to ensure that home quarantine and health monitoring staff have a comfortable and safe New Year.On February 12th, watts hillock village epidemic prevention and control staff came to occupy the home monitoring personnel, for them to send to apple, milk, biscuits, disinfectant, masks and epidemic prevention materials, such as life, medical personnel to provide psychological counseling and grassroots cadres, to ensure that occupy the home monitoring staff actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, the physical and mental health to spend time at home.Wagang township adopts grid management mode, consisting of village cadres at both levels, police, medical personnel, and party members of associated households to form a working group on home isolation and home health monitoring services, implementing one-to-one control to ensure that no households and no persons are left behind.The working group made on-site visits to the quarantined people at home twice a day, and provided psychological counseling and home delivery services through telephone and video, in an effort to solve their actual living difficulties. Medical personnel were responsible for temperature monitoring twice a day and nucleic acid sampling at home on schedule.All the staff of the working group ensured that the telephone was unblocked 24 hours a day, and reported to the Tangyin County Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters in the first time for any abnormal situation and made emergency response according to the provisions.In order to make home isolation and home health monitoring work more scientific, more accurate control, more in place services.Wagang township set up a household ledger and posted a clear card for home quarantine and home health monitoring personnel, and distributed free traditional Chinese medicine to them to ensure that they take it twice a day to improve their immunity.At the same time, in order to alleviate psychological fluctuations caused by epidemic and long-term home, tile duty personnel to carry out psychological counseling, to occupy the home township actively by WeChat, telephone forward scientific prevention knowledge, to popularize mental health knowledge, transfer battle “epidemic” confidence and positive energy, alleviate their psychological pressure, further eliminate psychological doubts, let the home quarantine and home health monitoring personnel science the epidemic,No panic, no anxiety.(Correspondent: To Chin Kit)