4 cases of confirmed cases of new city county in hebei province CDC emergency remind: | Texas home holiday together is not easy, avoid gathered out less

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Four new local COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Gucheng County of Hebei Province on January 31. At present, Jianguo Town of Gucheng County and other related areas have been designated as a containment or control area, and Gucheng County is a prevention area.The city borders Gucheng County with frequent personnel exchanges, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control continues to increase. Dezhou Bus Company urgently issued the Notice on temporary suspension of Some bus routes, suspending the operation of Bus Routes 5, 9, 22 and 30 from January 31, 2022, in order to strictly prevent the importation and do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in The city.To ensure that the general public friends spend a healthy and peaceful Spring Festival, Dezhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention tips as follows: 01 Take the initiative to report.People coming to Germany from Gucheng County on January 28 should report to their communities and villages as soon as possible, and cooperate with quarantine control, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other measures.Not organizing and participating in gatherings.The epidemiological survey in many places shows that most of the cases have a history of participating in gathering activities such as annual meetings, dinners and cards. We hereby remind the public not to organize or participate in unnecessary gathering activities during the Spring Festival.After returning home, people from other places should take the initiative to cooperate with the community in epidemic prevention and control measures, try not to go to crowded places, do not participate in group activities, and encourage wechat, phone and video New Year’s greetings.Standardize personal protection.As the epidemic continues, please be vigilant, wear masks, wash hands frequently, stay one meter away from each other, minimize gatherings, and observe cough etiquette.Carry out separate meals and use serving chopsticks;Do a good job of disinfection and ventilation in living and working places, and keep toilets clean.04 Strict health management.Pay close attention to themselves and their families health conditions, such as fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, symptoms such as diarrhea, odor (smell), sleep loss, don’t take medicines, to standardize the good wearing masks, in a timely manner to the formal medical institutions, medical care on the way to avoid taking public transport, when the doctor truthfully inform contact person, living history and history of activity, so as not to delay in diagnosis and treatment.Actively receive novel Coronavirus vaccine.During the Spring Festival holiday, our city will continue to provide novel Coronavirus vaccination services.All eligible citizens are requested to receive novel Coronavirus vaccine throughout the course, and those who have completed the full course of immunization for more than six months are required to receive enhanced immunization, especially those aged 60 and above and those aged 3-11 who were unable to receive the vaccine due to temporary vaccination taboo in the early stage.Source: Dezhou Daily Rong Media