Abuse of article!”The most deep feeling can not stay” he personally gave her to wear a wedding ring, also personally pushed under the abyss

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Hello, everybody see officer, I am a Hua, we meet again, today we also recommend good novel reading, I hope you can travel in the text, I accompany you oh!Abuse of article!He put the wedding ring on her hand, and pushed her into the abyss.Cheng hai after hearing these words, sluggish in place of a few seconds, then bounce back, cold track: white slightly appears very excited, and even the eyes are hid, but before I open again, robbed the woman first step: will I endure chung cheng yao mi shi feet that only to pull away the meters, the IQ IQ of wei wei to help see wood addition to prop up, washed white slightly laughed.”This is not you,” I paused and looked at Cheng Hai again. “And you, what have you been waiting for?” Cheng Hai loosened her white hair and said to me with a dark face, “Joe,” I’m not playing games, I just want to divorce you.”I smiled sadly.Someone said that in a relationship, the person who is not loved is the third person.So although Cheng Hai and I have the title of husband and wife, but in the end I am only a mistress.Even marrying him in the first place was a bad joke.(Click below to read for free) The second book: “Meet, Mr Fu” by: Endless Love highlights excerpts priority: Fu Jingyu could not help but frown.Jiang Sen came in through the door just in time to see this scene: a girl squatted beside Mr. Fu, helping him heal his wound.And Mr. Fu didn’t kick her out?Fu jingyu has been living here for more than two months and has not returned, simply avoiding human contact.Today was a bit of a surprise.”All right.”Ye Xingxing stood up, holding the medicine box ready to go back and put it, see Jiang Sen standing here, “Mr. Jiang.”At ordinary times, everything here is handed over by Jiang Sen to her, and she has more opportunities to talk to jiang Sen.Jiang Sen nodded.(click on the below free reading) met, Mr Fu third: “to move as you” author: just move for your wonderful excerpt: priority in my grandfather’s home for the holiday or as usual, traditional warmth, mother and grandmother did a big table, and then look at traditional holiday during the Spring Festival gala, le le ha ha eating the meal together.After dinner, my uncle opened a video, we pay New Year’s greetings to each other.New feather is very looking forward to the New Year’s day when I was a child, remember when a winter vacation mother put her in grandma’s house, uncle also put cousin new Kai, cousin new rui also put in grandma’s house, but the grandma and grandpa can not do.Cousin most skin, often beat, new feather also not worry, follow cousin mix, also pull cousin, let cousin pocket out of trouble.Approaching the New Year, mother came back, uncle aunt also came back, they will bring a lot of delicious things, and new clothes.And the happiest thing for Xinyu was that her mother would go to the market with her in the last few days when she came back, and would buy her a lot of delicious food and no longer limit her.Grandpa in those days will not force them to recite writing homework, grandma cooked food every day.Especially on the day of the New Year, in the countryside, many old customs, paste Spring Festival couplets, set off firecrackers for the gods, a few ghosts with grandpa busy, do not mention how happy.(Click below to read for free) That’s the end of today’s recommendation. Are you still satisfied?Looking forward to your message