Gu Ailing: The biggest goal has been accomplished. I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival and do what you like and are happy about

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“I don’t know why, BUT I always take the third jump to release myself.”Gu Eiling won the silver medal in the freestyle ski slopestyle final on Feb. 15 with her final performance, while Gremer of Switzerland narrowly won the gold medal.On the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, Gu made history for Chinese sports. “I hope you have a happy Lantern Festival. Spend the festival with your family and do what you like and are happy.”After the mixed mining area, Gu Ailing opened Beijing accent again.”My mother told me that you should cherish the second run as if it was your last chance, but I still didn’t do well.”The weather conditions for the final were not ideal, with some snow falling from time to time, and gu’s opening conditions were even less ideal.Her first round was mediocre, and her second round, with high hopes, ended with a fall on her cue in the prop area.She admitted afterward that she was mentally tired after winning the platform — after all, she had won gold with 1620, which she had never done at the Winter Olympics.”I didn’t feel very good when I was doing obstacle training.During the match, I didn’t feel very good. I didn’t get into this state.”She said.Gu’s fall in the second jump startled the crowd.Fortunately, the fall did not cause serious consequences. “I came down to drink some water and eat a steamed stuffed bun. After I closed my eyes for a while, I felt no headache.When the podium seemed to be slipping away from the talented teenager, she staged another comeback at the buzzer!In the third round, the whole set of movements were smooth in the prop area, with high difficulty in the upper and lower strokes, and the platform area was 1080 followed by 900 followed by 1080, which was almost perfect.”By the third round, when I had enough pressure, I kind of woke up a little bit. I just felt relaxed, comfortable and woke up!”Gu said.It was also the last jump of the reverse, Gu Ailing joked about her performance after the game, “it was purely digging a hole for myself, and not only gave the coach a headache, but also gave her mother a heart attack every time.””I try to make the best of the things I can control,” she said. “Some things you can’t control, you have to accept.”She says she doesn’t pay much attention to the scores and rankings of the judges. “NO matter how well I do, I will enjoy it. Such mentality and experience also make me like skiing more and more.””I am very proud of my small contribution.” In the first Winter Olympic Games of my career, I won one gold medal and one silver medal in the first two events. This is undoubtedly the embodiment of great strength.But after walking down the podium, Gu Ailing immediately became that witty, incidentally opened a “eat broadcast” next door little sister.In the previous day’s qualifying round, Gu had eaten the leek box after skating — she had been training for the halfpipe event to save time for meals.After today’s final, she will be heading to the training ground without a break, this time with a meaty bun in her hand. “MY halfpipe training is less than 50 percent [of the time] compared to the others, so I have to go right away,” she said.’My grandma is going to watch her halfpipe competition, so I’m really looking forward to this event,’ she said over buns.”Because she has never seen me play live before, she wants me to do well.”Gu has said her goal in sports is to inspire more girls in China and around the world to take up freestyle skiing.Today, she said that the goal has been achieved, “we 300 million people on the ice and snow, I an 18-year-old girl, can make a small contribution to them, I am very proud.”She said.However, she today more than a wish, “I hope to eat yuanxiao in the evening, black sesame stuffing, that would be great!”Column editor: Chen Hua Author: Yao Qinyi Text editor: Yao Qinyi