Huaxi Biotechnology co., Ltd. and Ocean University of China jointly build “Functional Glycomics Innovation Center”

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On January 17, The Ocean University of China (OCEAN University of China) and Huaxi Biotechnology (688363.SH) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the “Functional glycomics Innovation Center” (hereinafter referred to as the “Innovation Center”), which will carry out basic and applied research in the frontier fields of sugar science, including biocreation and engineering development of high value-added sugar resources.Mr. Yu Zhigang, president of Ocean University of China, Ms. Zhao Yan, President of Huaxi Bio, and Mr. Guo Xueping, chief scientist of Huaxi Bio attended the signing ceremony.Synthetic biology is the “life technology” leading the future, huaxi biology is accelerating the layout of the force.The HuaXi creatures and ocean university of China hand in hand to build “function sugar omics innovation center”, will focus on the key foundation of scientific research field, the sugar in the biosynthesis of sugar chain element excavation and reconstruction, editing and assembly in vitro, to build the first human milk oligosaccharides material library and biological information database, the function such as sugar omics research field to carry out all-round cooperation,Contribute to the innovation, development and industrialization level of Huaxi bio-enhanced life and health consumer goods.Yu Zhigang, president of OCEAN University of China, said, “As one of the national ‘double first-class’ universities with distinctive features, Ocean University of China has accumulated many achievements in functional sugar research and has a number of outstanding scientific research personnel.On behalf of HAIDU, WE would like to thank Huaxi for their support and investment in the new functional glycomics Innovation Center.By taking this opportunity, HAIDA will continue to expand the scope and depth of cooperation with Huaxi Biology, and jointly explore new ideas of industry-university-research cooperation.”Ms. Zhao Yan, Chairman of Huaxi Biological, shared, “Basic scientific research capabilities are key if an enterprise is to remain viable.Huaxi bio has been building endogenous innovation in basic and applied research, and also attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with top external research institutions in scientific research.This time, we hope to cooperate with Ocean University of China to realize more 0-1 innovative discoveries. As an enterprise, Huaxi Biological will actively undertake innovative achievements, realize 1-10-100 industrial transformation, and contribute more to the construction of ‘Healthy China’.”China ocean university is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, national “985 project” and “211 project” key construction of colleges and universities, in biology and biochemistry, microbiology and other disciplines, the environment and ecology (domain) ESI global research institutions in the top 1% in the United States, in the international academia and relevant industry has a good reputation both at home and abroad,It is one of the most important synthetic biology research teams in the country.HuaXi creatures as a biotechnology company and bioactive materials company, has been focused on the function sugars and amino acids to help human health material the discovery and application of microbial fermentation production of hyaluronic acid technology in the world’s leading, establishing the biological activity material from raw material to the medical terminal products, functional skin care products, functional food system of the whole industrial chain business.As one of the six research and development platforms of Huaxi Bio, synthetic biology is carrying out research on key technology system of synthetic biology and industrial transformation.At the same time, Huaxi biological also has the industry leading advantage in the “industrial transformation” of innovative achievements.The Tianjin factory, which was just completed and put into operation in June last year, has planned 64 pilot production lines, and 30 pilot production lines have been built so far. Through industry-university-research cooperation, the closed loop of innovation has been established to help scientific research institutions and research institutions realize industrial and market transformation of scientific research achievements.So that more scientific research results can quickly from the “laboratory” to the “production line”, to the broad market.It is worth mentioning that the strategic cooperation with China ocean university is HuaXi biology in the research field of synthetic biology is another important measure, is also HuaXi biological technology brand – “HuaXi biological research institute” another achievement output, aims to open development platform, pilot production, application platform, etc., to the industry chain upstream and downstream partners can assign,We will build an ecosystem of the biotechnology industry.In the future, Huaxi Bio will adhere to the law of scientific discovery, technological invention, industrial development and ecological optimization. On the one hand, it will increase the basic and applied research in key technology fields to build the hard strength of enterprise science and technology.On the other hand, to promote the rapid transformation of technological achievements to industrialization, for the development of the industry fully empowered, out of a high-tech innovation characteristics of high-quality development road.