Liu Feng won the “IT Leader of the Year” award

2022-06-19 0 By

On March 30, CSDN, a well-known IT community in China, held the “2022 Developer Ecocentre and Annual IT Technology Influence Star Ceremony” and officially announced the ranking results.Liu Feng, co-founder and chief technology officer of Worth Buy Technology, was named “IT Leader of the Year”.As a professional IT community, CSDN (Chinese Software Developer Network) is committed to providing Chinese Software developers with life-cycle services such as knowledge dissemination, online learning, and career development. IT is the forefront of IT technology interaction in the industry.The “CSDN 2021 IT Technology Influence Star Selection” is organized by CSDN and New Programmer magazine. Based on real data, professionals in the industry are invited to participate in the evaluation. At the same time, combined with the public voting results, outstanding contributors and industry leaders in the field of INFORMATION technology are selected from thousands of technology enterprises.Worth buying technology as a focus on consumer industry technology group, in-depth layout content, marketing services and consumption data of three business sectors, with the content of consumption for the entire network users to provide efficient, accurate and professional consumer decision support, through the marketing services to help electrical business, brands get the user and expand the brand influence, at the same time, with the consumption data technology research and development and application,While supporting its own business development, it also exports all kinds of data products and services.In his acceptance speech, Liu feng thanked the organizers and the jury for the honor, and admitted that the award should be attributed to the technical team behind it. “It is the active exploration and unremitting pursuit of every member of the team in the level of technology, it is worth buying technology to find a way of technological development.”Liu feng said.Liu feng introduced that consumer data is not only one of the three business sectors worth buying technology, but also an important driving force for the development of content and marketing.Worth buying technology since its inception, has been trying to get several intellectualization become the new engine for its own development, through building intellectualization construction of infrastructure, consumption of large database of precipitation represented by commodity encyclopedia, optimizing the content production and distribution of the number of intellectualization construction, and side B and C forever ascension the connection efficiency, help customers improve the quality and efficiency of the consumer decision-making at the same time,It also helps excellent brands and products to be recognized by consumers more efficiently.In addition to improving its competitiveness with its digital intelligence capabilities, Worth Buy Technology also exports all kinds of data products and services to help consumer industries and practitioners develop more scientifically.Through a variety of innovative businesses, It is worth buying technology to continue to open its digital intelligence capabilities and experience enabling industry.At present, we not only customize reports for brands and platforms to help them optimize production and marketing with the insight of big data, but also cooperate with professional institutions such as The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in a number of consumption data reports to better facilitate the development of the whole consumer industry.”In the future, Worthwhile Buy technology will continue to work hard to expand the breadth and depth of digitalized applications, and provide better services for users and customers. At the same time, we also welcome more developers to work together with Worthwhile Buy Technology to create a win-win situation.”Liu feng said.