Remind!!!!Application for patent Award of Guizhou Province in 2021-2022 begins

2022-06-19 0 By

The reporter learns from guizhou province market regulator, to implement the intellectual property rights power construction outline (2021-2035) “, to encourage invention-creation, to promote scientific and technological innovation, in recent days, the intellectual property office and the human resources in guizhou in guizhou social security hall jointly issued by the notice, officially launched in guizhou province from 2021 to 2022 patent award for work,Eligible patentees may file their applications before April 15.It is reported that the current Guizhou Provincial Patent Award, will be selected from the invention or utility model patents produced guizhou provincial patent gold award 2, silver award 6, excellence award 20;One gold award, three silver awards and five excellent awards have been awarded in guizhou province for design patents.The patentee within Guizhou province may declare the patent voluntarily as long as the patent has achieved good economic, social or ecological benefits in practical application, or has good prospects for transformation and implementation, and there is no legal dispute about patent ownership.It is understood that the selection of this guizhou Provincial Patent Award will strictly follow the principles of openness, fairness, justice, selection of the best, and not abuse.The winning projects will be commended and rewarded jointly by provincial Intellectual Property Office and Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. Excellent projects will also be recommended to participate in the Selection of China Patent Award.