Ruicheng public security traffic police: high-risk enterprises exposed

2022-06-19 0 By

In order to strengthen the source safety management, eliminate the hidden danger of vehicles in a timely manner, and curb the occurrence of traffic accidents from the source, the source hidden danger has been identified by the Vehicle Management Office of traffic Management Brigade of Ruicheng County Public Security Bureau:”Ruicheng Anbang Automobile Transport Co., LTD.”, “Ruicheng Zhongbang Automobile Transport Co., LTD.”, “Yuncheng Fenglingdu Development Zone Zhuoyueda Automobile Trade Co., LTD.”, and “Yuncheng Fenglingdu Development Zone Hengze Logistics Co., LTD.” are high-risk enterprises.Some vehicles have more than four companies belong to multiple violations, fails to submit and illegal behavior, for the record drivers driving license, not careful, super points, please as soon as they are hidden trouble with vehicles and related personnel information to the relevant department for processing, otherwise, the hidden danger all vehicles will be incorporated into tourism officials monitor system, and the driver and vehicle to carry out targeted pavement crack down.