Check out the black ops of Detective Conan

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The popular Japanese anime Detective Conan is still in the series, and it is not known exactly when it will end.In the cartoon, there is a villain organization called “Black Organization”, a transnational criminal organization shrouded in mystery.Conan refers to it as the “Army of Crows”, and Shinichi Kudo’s body was shrunk by the drug APTX4869 that kotoku, a member of the Black Outfit, drank.This organization in addition to Boss, the main members of the wine name as a code name, so the net friends are also called “brewery”.However, in the current stage of the black organization members, undercover a little more, so the netizens also jokingly organization is basically by undercover support, a person with gin can not move.This article will take a look at those undercover agents.The first, of course, is Hideichi Akai, the FBI’s search officer and boyfriend of Akemi Miyano (Ai Hibara’s sister).Many times in detective conan directly participated in the “red and is black to duels” pseudonym ZhuXing, near miyagi minmei and miyagi chi bao relationships into the organization for the undercover for three years, during the Boss appreciated and get code “Rye”, but because of andrei Mr Kamal mistakes later red Wells show a identity by exposing out of the organization.The Boss of the Black organization calls it a silver bullet that can Pierce the heart of the organization.The current plot in order to help to return to the organization of undercover water without mercy nai cheating qin wine trust, pretend to be shot to death, after the identity of blunt arrow Pleiades appear, secretly protect the original ai.Water without pity nai is CIA sent into the black undercover organization, the name of this hall ying hai, is the daughter of Ethan This hall, this hall ying you sister.Ethan the hall and into the organization of the undercover, but because of a failure event can be found, in order to protect the daughter water without Rena not to reveal the undercover identity and committed suicide, and cause “interrogation of water no, was killed by her” illusion of the water without Rena question and get the Boss come from organization, then lies in an assassination attempt in a car accident,Was captured as a real organization member, has been in a coma in the hospital, after waking up with the help of everyone to send her back to the organization to continue to complete the task, a lot of information is water without pity nai leak out.Images from network Ann room as superman gas now figure, is a public/Ann sent into the organization’s undercover, name down the valley zero, is referred to as the “mysterious” members of the organization, with senior figures in the organization rum can contact directly, surface career as a private investigator, and work in cafe poirot, worship the Maori small five lang for the teacher, now became active in character.Ann room through before and friends to join the organization, that is, all fujingguang, but its undercover identity after exposure, in the organization ask its name, in front of akai Xiuyi suicide, so Ann room through has been disgusted with Akai Xiuyi, disguised as scar Akai to test chong ya Pleiades.Of course, in addition to these undercover, there are often “anti-water” Belmode, and work not how strict vodka, no wonder the net friends called gin really can not move.