Daughter take certificate for a red envelope, a certificate for a red envelope, when the certificate out of the father was dumbstruck

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People say that the daughter is the parents of the small cotton-padded jacket, naturally loved by parents and love, in life father will have a special care for his daughter, and some special rewards, such as:There are rewards for good school performance, rewards for excellent grades, rewards for improving academic performance, rewards for obedience, and so on. And now that living conditions are better, when students perform, there will naturally be monetary rewards.Daughter take testimonials to find dad in a red envelope, a diploma in a red envelope, the results of the whole family laughed so it is to let students study hard, also is a kind of reward and encouragement, and for students in nowadays there are a lot of parents to do so, it is the New Year, the students have their own home for winter vacation, for students will have the final examination, naturally, there is a result,The school will also reward students, the most common is a certificate of merit, recently, a parent know her daughter got a good test, in this decision to express, that daughter got a certificate of merit from the school, decided to let her daughter with a certificate for a red envelope, a certificate of merit a red envelope.Originally in this way a small reward study result good daughter, but who know when my daughter from the bag took out testimonials, was dumbfounded father, who wanted to father pit by children, daughter from the bag took out a stack of testimonials, to show off to my father, daughter, a succession of a father is trembling to empty your assets and the counted how many awards in front of your face,But the result father’s own small Treasury money is not enough, no money, the father began to play to depend on, the result of the whole family.Who would have thought that her daughter can have so many testimonials, estimates that father was still blame the teacher, why do you want to print so many certificates issued to the student, although the father’s pocket money are hollowed out, but my father still very happy, after all, your daughter is so good, so many netizens said the envy, have said:”It would be great if my own children were as good as that.”The money is just a reward, enough is enough, according to the situation of the family, actually sometimes can change a perspective, or a reward, such as practical gifts, toys, etc., second regardless of student achievement good or bad, only students progress, should be to give students affirmation, encouragement, give the incentive and a reward, not necessarily how precious, but lets the student can understand,Only their own efforts will have what they want, only their own efforts will not be disappointed.Do you have any reward methods for your children?Welcome to leave a message.The above is today’s share, I hope to help some parents and students, if you need help, you can leave a comment below, Miss Guo will reply to you as soon as possible.If you like Miss Guo’s article, you can also click a “attention” oh!Ms. Guo will continue to publish articles to provide you with quality information and accompany parents and students on their way to education.What do you think about this and what do you need to pay attention to?Welcome to write your concerns in the comments section, I will be a follow-up topic, I hope to create more content that you like.