Make every effort to ensure reliable power supply for Lantern Festival

2022-06-20 0 By

February 15 (the 15th day of the first lunar month) is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. On the eve of the festival, The State Grid Kulun Power Supply Company formulated a detailed power supply plan, carefully deployed various power protection measures, and did a good job in four aspects to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid and orderly supply of electricity during the festival.Carry out special physical examination, prepare for high load during the festival.To prevent equipment “fever” in every jurisdiction, reduce the security hidden danger, the company actively focus on climate change, for the Lantern Festival power supply protection, on the basis of related schemes and plans, actively implement the equipment owner management, strengthen the patrol of circuitry and equipment, according to check out the problem, timely report, for getting rid of handle in time.Carry out safety supervision, do a good job of important customers electricity inspection.Organize the grassroots power supply stations to inspect the electrical equipment of all high-risk important customers in the power supply area one by one, and immediately notify the customers in written form of defects and hidden dangers found during the investigation, supervise and assist the customers to rectify and ensure the safety of the power grid.Strengthen preventive measures and closely follow weather changes.Strengthen communication with government departments, meteorological departments and important enterprises.Prevent ice cover and line break due to low temperature, freezing, snow and other bad weather in advance.Strengthen equipment inspection and elimination work, with the focus on important equipment, heavy load equipment, comprehensive implementation of cold, frost prevention and other technical measures.Strengthen on-duty duty and do a good job in emergency response.Strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, keep communication unimpeded, ensure that safety, technology, vehicles, materials, tools, etc. are all in place, ready at any time.Strictly implement information reporting system, timely and accurate report of emergency information.Prepare all necessary materials and equipment for emergency repair during the Lantern Festival peak period to ensure timely troubleshooting and lay a solid foundation for ensuring the safe use of electricity during the festival.