Poetry | Red-crowned crane

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The red-crowned crane article/adel white bird Zhu Guan god of wetland bowed their heads and cinnabar, wings as white as snow several thick ink slender neck, and at the end of the posture medium-bodied, elegant walk long legs bend back, bent down, looked up, stretching, jump kick, spread your wings and walking more than two hundred action beautiful plains, beaches, swamps, lakes, grassland, between heaven and earth charming dance like tender young mount heming,Listen to crane pavilion, stay between crane porch song tao sea of clouds, riding a crane of reeds, triangular immortal grass and photo frame for enough time can be forgotten, a jia, people into a crane also show loyalty and a male a female immortal, auspicious yipin article poultry embroidered brocade, collapsed, and cherish isolation and stand, for the Japanese name first, lost to the national bird author introduction: pseudonym adel, jilin province.He has published many poems and novels in rivers Literature, Young Writers, Literary Appreciation, Liaoning Literature, Central China Literature, Qilu Literature and China Poetry Newspaper.Poetry view: poetry makes our soul quiet, so that we rise from the common people to the emperor.Postscript: you read this poem, is a kind of fate.If this little poem brings you warmth, let you have a touch.Don’t forget to add a concern to the author, click a like, collect a friendship, thank you!