Russian Defense Ministry: US nuclear submarine intruded into Russian territorial waters and fled at full speed after Russian measures were taken

2022-06-20 0 By

The Russian Navy’s Pacific fleet spotted and chased away a U.S. attack submarine that had intruded into Russian territorial waters off the Kuril Islands of Urup, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday.According to Russia Today, the Russian Defense Ministry said the Incident occurred at 10:40 am Moscow time on Saturday, the US Navy attack nuclear submarine belongs to the Virginia class.The Russian military first sent underwater acoustic warnings to the submarine in Russian and English, saying it was in Russian waters and asking to surface immediately.As the demands were ignored, the Russian frigate, Marshal Shaposhnikov, “took appropriate measures” in accordance with Russia’s state border protection law.After the encounter with the destroyer, the Virginia-class submarine involved used radar bait and sailed out of Russian waters at full speed.After the incident, the Russian Defense Ministry’s General Bureau of International Military Cooperation summoned representatives of the U.S. embassy attache’s office in Moscow to protest.The U.S. Defense Department did not immediately respond to the incident, and the Russian statement did not elaborate on the incident or what steps the Admiral Shaposhnikov took to force the SUBMARINE to leave its territorial waters.Moscow added that the submarine’s actions were a grave violation of international law and a threat to Russia’s national security.The military said it reserved the right to take any security measures in its territorial waters.Editor: Zhang Wu Author: Text editor of overseas website: Song Yanlin Title source: Tu Bug Originality (concept drawing) Picture editor: Da Xi