Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. accelerated project construction for the overall revitalization of rural energy storage growth

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Winter no idle than energy, big grasp projects to promote revitalization.Looking at the construction site of Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., LTD., the scene is in full bloom.Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., LTD., through project integration and accelerated implementation as the starting point, accumulates energy for the overall revitalization of rural areas.In the year of 2021, Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. insisted on the basis of project integration, and the project packaging reserve was strong.Actively strive for free funds at all levels and local government special bonds, package and apply for 21 projects such as chuanshan District National Reserve Forest and rural revitalization project, Yongheyuan rural revitalization demonstration zone construction project, Chuanshan District grain storage, with a total investment of about 2.8 billion yuan. We plan to strive for 260 million yuan of free funds and 651 million yuan of special bonds from central and provincial governments.At present, 124 million yuan of funds have been put in place at all levels, a year-on-year increase of 42%.In accordance with the principle of “promoting economic benefits by project construction”, Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. adopts the way of “supplementation-reform and investment” to fully implement agriculture-related capital projects.In 2021, more than 60 engineering and industrial projects will be promoted, with a total investment of about 360 million yuan. 31 construction projects will be launched, 12 of which have been completed, with a total investment of 160 million yuan, of which 120 million yuan will be integrated into agriculture-related projects.Focusing on the construction of major projects, Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. focuses on high-standard farmland construction: in 2020, 18,000 mu of high-standard farmland construction project has been basically completed and passed the municipal acceptance inspection;In 2021, 40% of the high-standard farmland construction project of 15,000 mu has been completed, with an estimated profit of 5.75 million yuan.According to the standard of “farmland, roads and canals are connected, drought can be poured and flood can be drained”, the municipal completion acceptance of land consolidation projects in Guihua, Longfeng, Renli and Laochi towns has been completed successively, with a balance index of 579.558 mu and an estimated net income of more than 3 million yuan.Seven projects linked with increase and decrease in Yongxing, Guihua, Longfeng and Hesha towns have been approved by the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, and the preliminary investigation, cost calculation, implementation plan preparation and demolition of some houses have been completed.At the same time, it has completed 7 projects, such as industry-university-research base, land consolidation, Coke industrial upgrading, Angelica base, grain and oil base.In accordance with the requirements of the park planning, and the earth landscape, garden fruit and vegetable farmland ruralize, industry characteristic, urban and rural integration, construction standard, “five” ear agriculture group co., LTD. Sichuan days surrounding environment landscape, industry leading, recreation experience, artistic field, benefit such as precision, fine comb, serial building, the whole advancement ways,We have made overall plans for 59 projects with a total investment of 308 million yuan.At present, the teenagers education practice base has been completed (camp), w (saemaul undong site, ray hole mountain boutique hotel, paddy pot, class cultivation on ancient village 18 major projects such as planning, to complete the yong river garden industry backbone, best orchard road, zero kilometers fold channel, one meter garden, phoenix lake choi, pastoral maze, Lin li, peach blossom of 12 projects such as construction,We are steadily promoting the construction of 19 projects, including the transformation of banyin Mountain House and guest house, C234 beautiful rural road, zero-kilometer viewing platform, Phoenix Lake node landscape, grain and oil base tourism road, courtyard style improvement, and Zitong Small Garden, laying a foundation for building a demonstration area leading the rural revitalization of the province.Be in the forefront of action.Looking back to 2021, Sichuan Tiansui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. has already delivered a satisfactory result.The “Vivid Practice of Tiansui” in 2022 is still looking forward to.In the New Year and new atmosphere, the down-to-earth hard work and innovative practice of sichuan Tiansui Agricultural staff will surely lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks in 2022, and firmly hold the initiative to move forward in high-quality development.Chuanshan Media reporter Bukai Liu Chao/photo