The woman takes “a big plate” to appraise treasure, say value millions?Expert: This kind of porcelain plate is very rare

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As one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, Chinese culture is extensive and profound with a long history.In the long history of more than five thousand years, our ancestors not only left us a lot of culture, cultural relics and wisdom.One of them, The Travel Notes of Marco Polo, even aroused westerners’ yearning for Chinese people, believing that China was full of gold, which indirectly promoted the development of western navigation, thus leading to the discovery of the New Continent.So-called “gone with the gold, time collection”, now China’s national strength is strong, the people to live and work in peace and contentment, the living standard of people is becoming more and more good, more and more people in at one’s leisure gradually like to play on the collection, so that the popular antique industry over the years, prices rise, so a lot of people hope to be able to earn the first bucket of gold.But at present, China’s antique industry fish eye beads, all kinds of fake imitation products are a lot of, there are many people hope to get professional identification teachers to help see their hands of things is real or fake, we will come to the treasure appraisal activities, see what are the interesting stories?Today is the story of a beauty appraisal, a beauty with two people put a diameter of about a meter of the market came to appraisal program scene, want to ask the expert teacher to help identify the authenticity of this plate, according to the beauty claims:This was originally the collection of a friend of my grandfather’s. This friend was originally from a good family, but later, due to illness and other reasons, his family was in decline. The grandfather of the beautiful woman often helped this friend, so he gave this blue and white porcelain dish to the grandfather of the beautiful woman.Grandpa took the plate home, carefully observed the plate with three dragon patterns, is the highest grade of supplies, most likely for the royal purpose.Host: How much do you estimate?Beauty: Could it be worth millions?Finally, it has to be examined by an expert.The expert looked around the plate carefully, there is a result, the expert said: this bowl if it is really xuande years, also can see the biggest one at present, the top flower has five dragon patterns, it is in line with xuande years commonly used five dragon pattern case.The dragon pattern of Xuande is very fierce, the hair of the dragon is rushed forward, and the dragon pattern of this big bowl is floating back, and another point is that the mouth shape and claw tip of the dragon pattern do not conform to the shape of Xuande in the Ming Dynasty.Outside the bowl “Xuande year” signoff font is very rough, there are traces of the old, this is a modern production of crafts.After saying that finish, the beauty disgracefully descended the rostrum stage, you to this only “big porcelain dish” have what different high opinion?Leave a comment below and give it a like before you go!