China’s curling mixed doubles team won two straight games

2022-06-21 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 3 (reporters Zhang Yueshan, Liang Jinxiong)China’s Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan beat Australia 6-5 in the second round of the round-robin mixed curling tournament of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning to win their second straight match.Similar to the opening game, The Chinese team fought for the backhand again in the first set, with each side scoring one point in the first two sets.In the third game, The Chinese team’s backhand threw the third time out of the opponent’s two scoring POTS, forming the Chinese team’s two branches, harvesting two points to end the bureau.In the fourth set, China’s first and last shot brilliantly cleared the scoring pot, while Australia’s last shot slipped out of the baseline and failed to score, ending the first half 3-1 for China.In the fifth game, China’s backhand hit a good ball in the last throw, hitting the opponent’s two scoring POTS to get a point.In the sixth game, Australia’s Jill came into her own, and with her last shot she cleared the Chinese scoring pot for three points to level the score at 4-4.In the seventh game, China also used the right to attack from behind, scoring two points and going into the last game 6-4.In the eighth set, China played tight defense, and Australia missed the chance to score three points on its last shot to reverse China, making a mistake under pressure and scoring only one point.In the end, The Chinese team won 6-5.”It was pretty close,” fansuyuan said of the final set scare. “We were ready for extra frames but we were lucky in the end.””We also thought about it before the opponent’s last shot. If they hit a good shot, we applauded them,” Ling said.Curling mixed doubles will continue in the afternoon and evening, with China’s one-day doubles team taking on 2019 World Champion Sweden in the evening.In the morning’s other matches, Great Britain beat Canada 6-4, Sweden romped past the Czech Republic 7-4 and Italy beat the United States 8-4.(after)