Don’t let this nana go!

2022-06-21 0 By

Nana is a very common Chinese nickname, but recently, “Nana” has become a hot search, and it is also from “Russia” Nana.Recently, a woman named “Russian Nana” has become popular on some short video platforms:Her a pair of bright green eyes, facial contour is the appearance of westerners, who come from Russia, “very like Chinese culture,” with my Chinese, talk about some hot topic, also often show “talent”, easily lip-synching, “let me sing a song” a jug of alcohol, to all the parents “.Classic old songs and filial piety concept, a close “Russian nana” and the majority of netizens close feeling.”Russian Nana” has 1.95 million fans on Douyin and nearly 1.75 million on Kuaishou, both of which have enabled the delivery function.Of course, she is not in vain, often greeted “family” praise, gifts, shopping, her window sausage, chocolate, waffle and other goods, sales are very considerable.Unexpectedly, when the popularity of “Russian Nana” continues to heat up, but “overturned”.At first, some netizens questioned the true identity of “Russian Nana”, feeling that she spoke Chinese like Chinese imitating foreigners.Some netizens claim to have seen her image of a middle-aged woman without the special effects, while others suspect that she is using the “AI face swap” technology. Judging from the bone structure, the gender of her image may be the “foot picker”.On April 1, Tiktok banned the account of “Nana Russia” indefinitely. According to the notice, the reason was “misuse of platform props” and “fake identity”.China’s short video platforms are developing rapidly, attracting many foreign friends to settle in.They show the local customs of their home countries or share their life experience in China, which serves as cross-cultural communication and attracts a large number of netizens.However, some people with ulterior motives, also smell the opportunity to make money, at the risk of desperate, with the aid of AI technology “makeover”, to create a false person set, using the mood of friends hope for friendly communication, “you like to listen to what, like to see what, I will say what, perform what”.A simple video, a few words “long live friendship”, can let simple netizens deeply moved, like support, money to buy, and then the cheater to a “precise harvest”.”You seal my number?I’ll change the special effects and do it again. “The cost of breaking the law is really low.The Internet is not a place outside the law. People who build on false facts not only occupy public resources, but also consume the patriotism of netizens, but also cheat and disrupt social order, fake the nationality of other countries, and may even cause foreign affairs problems.Such accounts should not be punished in a letter. Relevant platforms should coordinate with the police to recover their earnings and pursue their legal responsibilities. They should not be allowed to continue to “change their face” and act recklessly.AI technology can change its face and voice, but the commitment of Internet audio and video service providers to take responsibility for supervision and management should never change.As AI technology matures, the threshold for application is also decreasing.Short video platforms can be transformed with props.According to relevant regulations, the production, release and dissemination of non-authentic audio and video information should be marked in a prominent way, but several platforms did not mark the video of “Russian Nana”.If it is the synthesis after upload privately, relevant platform should audit responsibility, in its accumulated to a certain number of fans, gradually increasing influence, should be strict to verify its nationality and CV, rather than some netizens are found the problem, such as related audit work but turn a blind eye, flows to, the cargo has been outbound, the last letter, “a feather”.Technology should serve people, not deceive them.Delivering valuable and authentic information is the foundation for the healthy development of the network audio and video industry.By 2021, the number of online video users in China will reach 975 million. Users should not be reduced to “Dee Renjie” or “Sherlock Holmes”, who can tell whether content is true or false by looking at faces, listening to music and figuring out details.For users, we should also keep abreast of the trend of technological development. In the face of online content, we should not be credulous or addicted to it. If there is any doubt, we should give feedback through regular channels, so as not to give Internet cheaters the opportunity to deceive us.When AI technology is about to have a profound impact on our lives, how to better manage and apply it is a topic worth thinking about.The Internet is not a place beyond the law. Such illegal activities seriously endanger the public security of the Internet. Technology should serve people instead of deceiving and fooling them.Let’s talk in the comments section