“Girl doctor big sweet wife” she became the military district the youngest female military doctor, by rough Han chief one eye phase

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly into the situation of book shortage.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.Today small make up recommend to everybody: “girl magic doctor big sweet wife” she becomes military area the youngest female military doctor, by rough Han chief one eye photograph in # refuse book waste # first: “reborn 90 small jiao female” author: yellow rice sticky bean bag introduction: Tan Xiao reborn, in parents both dead his sad and helpless time.Heavy life, no gold finger, no invisible space, she firmly step by step forward, together with father, mother, brother, to create their own happy life, but also to enjoy the four seasons of life on the road of the beautiful scenery.Into the pit guide: Zhang Xiuhua sat on the stool, the head has been low, but the ear is not idle, said he is sister-in-law, husband and work in the supply and marketing agency, said, Wang Pei this when sister-in-law don’t say what all have to listen to their own bar, how usually also should be polite to their own right.But this Wang Pei, who is good-looking, always looks superior to others in everyday life, as if she is superior to others, every time she sees herself, she doesn’t even lift her eyelids.I don’t know where she is superior to me.Isn’t it all one head and two legs?There’s nothing to brag about!And with her looks, the camp says she’s pretty, but I don’t see why she’s so pretty.You always dress like a butterfly when you are skinny. What’s the big deal if you can afford to go back to your mother’s house.They make a racket, but they pretend to have a meal. Where do women eat without making a sound?You don’t pretend to be dead, do you?See her husband was younger brother daughter-in-law pointed at the nose scold, Zhang Xiuhua heart of the gas how can not help, “Teng” to stand up, also no matter their arms holding a belly is also with a pull throat shouted: “his two aunts son you talk so ugly?What do you mean, people take a shit and wipe your ass?This money is not what we owe again, my home yuan yuan his father is a take words, somebody else brigade let him take words he still can not take zha of, you have ability to look for brigade to say go, in this with us shout calculate what ability?We have been kind enough to send you a message, and to bring you an enemy, have we not?””Am I bad?Why did I sound bad?Why don’t you listen to it if you don’t?Just plug your ears.Also the brigade let you to send a message you can not take, the brigade said what you are what, the people in the brigade is your father or your mother ah, you dare not not take?Since you are so obedient, that brigade said to let you beat the child in the belly, you zha don’t beat?One after another, and the sow can’t even give birth to you.You mean well?How could you be so kind?I see that your hearts are black and purple.You owe me something?You don’t owe us, do you?What did they say when they split up?Since I entered your old Tan’s house, no night no day for you to work, the work in the field except us who did what?When the year’s work was done, we were given nine hundred dollars in the winter to move out of our homes.Don’t walk the old lady said we are not filial piety, said to force her to death.We did, but what did you do?Except for the famine, the old lady didn’t give us a pot lid.My smile was only two months, the two of us really be compelled of can’t, can only spent seventy dollars to buy a house and air leakage around, that’s is in a severe winter ah, you really have the heart to, also smile was born seven months, head all have no a little cat, live in potatoes can be frozen ice room, children’s hands and feet were all red with cold.Less than 100 days of children, originally should be white and clean, but frozen whole body purple, you are also when parents, children of the people, you say my heart is what taste, you this one stick beat fart to dig heart tao lung to your two elder brother, two younger brother heart and what taste?You these uncles, uncles, aunts, grandma see children suffer how so bear?In recent years, we have worked hard, day and night, and finally paid off the nine hundred yuan famine, and now you bring us this son.Also kindly invited us to dinner, I can see, you are not invited to dinner ah?It is we who invite you to dinner and let you parents, brothers and sisters eat Tan Shoulin’s flesh and drink Tan Shoulin’s blood.You black, heartless creatures won’t rest until you’ve chewed through his bones, will you?”If zhang Xiuhua were compared to a pillow, she would be nothing more than a ragged pillow covered with straw. After being criticized by Wang Pei, the speaker was not good enough, but she burst into tears first, and cried miserably, which caused her four daughters to cry as well.For a moment, there was a lot of crying in the house, and those who didn’t know thought they were the ones being persecuted.Originally this let the second money idea is the eldest brother and the old three together, at this time was so scolded by Wang Pei, Lao Tan’s heart is really empty, plus Zhang Xiuhua mother and daughter five howling, more let her fidgety not.”A cry!Cry what ah?Who are you howling at?You can’t be content not to howl me to death, can you?”Tobacco pot in hand, knock table kuang Kuang ring, the old lady sullen with a fold of old face called Tan Shoulin’s nickname: “two fool, you say with me, this money you in the end is still not still?””Why should I?” Wang pei opened her mouth to speak, but Tan Shoulin pulled her behind her. Tired and helpless, Tan Shoulin opened his mouth and finally asked, “Mom, can you tell me how we owe this money?””Brother, do you care how this money is owed?You paid it back when mom told you to. You want mom to pay it back?How old is she? Are you trying to kill her?”Tan Shouzhi cross Tan Shoulin and Wang Pei one eye, the mouth is also a change of shape.Tan Shoulin did not look at Tan Shouzhi, did not speak, just stood on the ground, do not look at anyone, but let everyone understand his meaning, this matter is not clear is not able to continue to talk.Mrs. Tan looked at her stubborn son and then at Wang Pei, gritted her teeth angrily, and finally had to say, “What do you owe me?That’s what your uncle owed when he was sick.Your uncle was good to you when he was alive. Do you think you should pay him back?If you do not return, Tan Shoulin, I tell you that you have lost your heart!””Best for us?Why is this the best thing for us?Did his uncle give us a room or an acre of land when he was alive?Don’t you feel sorry for yourself when you say it’s best for us now?”Wang Pei was so angry that she did not know what to say. She had never seen a man who could be unreasonable than his family.”Lost?How did I lose the panic?Oh, my god, what have I done?What did you do in the first place?Why didn’t I just choke you to death?I raise you, support you to go to school, return you marry a wife, you see you so your daughter-in-law scold your mother?Tan second, you black heart…”When Mrs. Tan and his wife agreed to discuss the matter, she brought out her special skills. Lying on the table, she cried and cried, pointing at Tan’s nose and scolding him. Her thin little body was so pitiful, hateful and ridiculous under the cover of her half-new black blouse.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Just like the cold light in the sun” author: Embarrassed demon introduction: “This guy, taste is multiple, this all down to mouth?”When she woke up, she looked at herself in the mirror, with her afro and bloody tattooed face like a ghost.Before the rebirth, she had another love, a heart to escape, hate his guts.After being reborn, she took a glance at the beauty on the bed and thought seriously.Pit guide: Qinghe High School.Imperial city teaching quality best, the highest rate of admission to the private noble school.The students who got into the school were either from rich families or had excellent grades and were accepted on full scholarships.Ye Wan Wan was able to enter this school because her father was still the president of Ye Group at that time.Ye Wan wan this grade is basically because of puppy love, her heart is a girl in Gu Yueze this tall and handsome fiance, all day changing to please him, only love letters are written hundreds of, thousands of paper cranes stacked.Later, after the department night cold, and busy with him all day against, which have time to learn.In the morning sunshine shining on her dazzling green hair, Ye Wan wan stood in front of the gate of Qinghe High School, looking at the four characters “Qinghe High School” shining overhead. She secretly made up her mind that no one would stop her from studying hard this time.Walking in the familiar and strange campus, the road is two rows of very old trees, the air is full of vegetation fragrance, the distance is a row of retro red tile teaching building, the radio is playing melodious music, small and small groups of students carrying hanging bags chattering to the classroom…After being reborn for so many days, Ye Wan wan really felt alive again for the first time.Looking at the blue sky above her, she almost wanted to cry.She took no notice of the strange looks and whispers around her.Compared with what she had suffered in her previous life, the school gossip seemed trivial to her.”Oh my god!Who is that?I almost ran into a tree!”A schoolboy narrowly avoided a big tree with a ghostly look on his face.The girl next to squealed, “You don’t even know her?Yeh Wan wan of Class F!””Depend!Is she Ye Wan Wan?Seeing is believing!”The boy was shocked.Another girl said with a look of dislike, “I don’t care about make-up and fancy clothes all the time, my grades are terrible, I haven’t graduated for four years, I heard that my personal life is not good, I miss classes all the time and I don’t know what to do outside, how can this kind of person not be expelled?What a shame for us!”One of the students put in, “Probably not!Is she said to have power in her family?”The girl immediately a face sneer, “come less!Listen to Shen Mengqi said, Ye Wan wan her father abusing power for personal gain, embezzlement of public funds, had already been driven out of the company, but also owe a ass of loan sharks!Also don’t know she in the end have what good ye, every day ignore school rules, wanton!However, her days are numbered. I hear the school is ready to expel her.After all, over a period of time above the leadership will come to inspect, if the leadership know that our school has such a student, that qing wo hundred years of reputation will be destroyed once!”Onlookers of several people all a face glad, “finally do not have to continue with this kind of people in the same school!”(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “the girl doctor big sweet wife” author: Warm sun like fire introduction: “the girl doctor big sweet Wife” she became the military region’s youngest female army doctor, was rough Han chief one eye in the competition works] (sweet darling hit the face cool article) the day of the college entrance examination by the whole class cynicism, her college entrance examination failure.She’s not as good as a dog.When everyone shuts her and her family out, Muqing accidentally gets the ancient inheritance.Bet stone kind of medicine, cure…Muqing’s parents didn’t give up after they left mu Sizhuang’s house. Now, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, they will be shy to borrow the money.Because the college entrance exam is muqing’s only way to change her life.One family pack up lost, began to run to li Xianglan’s relatives home.Li Xianglan home two brother two sister, in addition to the son sick and indebted little sister Li Xiangling, the other three people as long as gather together, absolutely have the ability to borrow money for three years.Mu Qing is very sad to follow parents to run, each should experience the same disappointment and resentment.”I’m sorry, Qing er, it’s dad’s incompetence that he didn’t even borrow this money.”Mu big strong guilty look at her daughter, the vicissitudes of life on the face full of failure.Li Xianglan is quietly wiping tears.”Mom and Dad, don’t be sad.Three hundred and sixty-five lines, line out of the champion.There is another way out.Muqing smiled brightly and returned her parents to the village in person before deciding to go to town again.Since you can’t go back, you have to find a job as soon as possible.As soon as Muqing arrived at the park, she saw a young woman with an anxious face crying for help.She glanced at the river and jumped without saying a word. At the same time, a Mercedes pulled up outside the park and a man in a suit got out.A man in a suit with a natural air, followed by several bodyguards, walked off into the park.As he appeared, he caught the eyes of the old ladies gathered round the bank, and the light of the evening sun shone on his face, making his features clear.”You look, this person is not often on our county news channel’s richest man ah” an old woman eyes sharp son found the identity of the comer.Her voice soon caused a great uproar in the crowd.The county saw the richest man did not care about the public in an uproar, the face of heavy water toward the river.”Boss, the young master fell into the river, and someone jumped into the river to save him.” Before the nanny finished her words, the richest man raised his hand with a cold face, and the bodyguards rushed to the river one after another.By this time, Muqing from Hanoi had grabbed the unconscious child and was struggling to swim towards the river bank.Seeing this, the richest man in a suit also did not care about his own identity, anxious command “speed will be small master up.”(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, small make up can see oh, look forward to your message to the period of wonderful review: “Sister difficult to raise” she is a Buddhist sister, beautiful, but was sick jiao shi locked into the dark room!”The sick delicate beautiful person that wears villain” she wears extremely beautiful female 2, however voluntary marry Yin malicious reverse derivation 3 son strong push “omnipotent daughter is big guy pet jiao” double strong each other pet steed, male handsome female ye, super good knock!”Reborn meng wife space” after her reborn space filled with military supplies, married yan was spoiled “70’s delicate beauty” she woke up from the 70 army compound, into 18 years old pregnant with the delicate military sister-in-law