I’m sorry, I can’t read!

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I’m sorry, I can’t read!How can you increase your friends?Workers should act like workers.What if there really was a 0.80-meter tall humanoid?Why is my hair 20 years old and my face 10 years old?How come no one knew she was a girl?Now, what’s the kid doing with the AP bounty?I saw SMASH_ once, and it didn’t even fail.One is the work of a certain designer and the other is the work of xx Treasure 30, which is a kind of inspiration.More than 10,000 people loved the film.Painting a man on the king’s head is free, standard.I put the phone in the water and rice, I was dumbfounded.I don’t dare to buy cigarettes anymore. I don’t know the price of seven yuan. I am afraid that I will have no money to buy cigarettes in the future.How beautiful can a girl be?Let’s talk about some of the problems we had in primary school.What do you think?What does the son-in-law bring to meet the in-laws?