Lebron James: I avoided phoenix because of my sore ankle, but I wanted to play the Warriors

2022-06-21 0 By

The lakers will come today and the sun, and James is sitting idle, but he will still be on the scene today and cheer to a teammate, but today the team are expected to experience a painful failure, because the SUNS players all are scrambling to after heard that want to beat the lakers, the injured man booker and Claude immediately said it intends to return against the lakers.So the lakers are clearly out of luck today, and James is talking about the reason for avoiding the SUNS in front of the cameras.”Yeah, I wanted to play, I wanted to bring some energy to the team, but it’s hard when your ankle hurts and you can’t walk,” James said. “I’m really sad because I’ve had a disappointing season and my ankle is really hurting right now.”When it comes to comeback plans next James says “I want to be able to return as soon as possible, I want to contribute to the team, you know now the team is in a critical moment, I have to resist pressure, I really hate injuries, but I want to fight with the warriors of old rivals, but also need to look at the situation in the said before the game.I really hope the ankle doesn’t hurt now and I can go out there and help the team win.”Although James wants to play his longtime rival, Curry, who has announced his retirement for the season, will not be in the game, but draymond Green and Klay, among others, are expected to attend, and the matchup will be intriguing.Do you think lebron James will be back this season?