Love belongs only to the strong

2022-06-21 0 By

Hi my friends. Why you don’t have the person that you love?You compromised to something, right? Hello, everyone. Why haven’t you found love?Because, you compromise!Isn’t it?You feel that your age is old enough, so you gotta get marry, right? What if you don’t compromise?You think you’re old enough to get married!Isn’t it?What if you don’t compromise?Just keep looking. Maybe a good one is there, right? You never know. Keep looking. Maybe You’ll find love, right?It’s hard to say!But if you marry the person you don’t love, that’s too much Dating. Can’t live like that forever, my friend.But if you’re married to someone you don’t love, it’s torture!You can’t live like this forever, my friend!What I mean is that only the strong people can have the love one. I mean, only the strong can have love!