Midnight extermination, no Windows in the morning?Rumors have been refuted in many places

2022-06-21 0 By

On March 31, a “reminder” was circulated among people in Shanghai.”Don’t open your Windows or go out tonight,” the message said.This disinfectant fluid is not lung friendly, and don’t open the window first thing tomorrow morning. Accurate.Tell everyone!”However, this claims to be “accurate” the news has no beginning and end, and there is no release agency, many citizens are skeptical, to the Shanghai refuting rumors platform to ask.The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, The Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai Release And other institutions and official channels have not issued relevant notices or hints.In fact, as long as a little attention can be found, this “hint” can not withstand scrutiny.The same message was circulated in Jilin province just a few days ago, and local rumors were refuted at the time.Similar statements have circulated in a number of provinces and cities, but have also been refuted.Even in Shanghai, a similar rumor surfaced on March 19, titled “Warm tips”, indicating that the city would launch a mass crackdown in the middle of the night.At that time, Shanghai refuting rumors platform also conducted verification and clarification.Why does this rumor resurface from time to time?Industry analysis, may be related to the public do not understand the eradication work.This is because of the recent presence of disarming vehicles in some areas.However, these activities do not require citizens to deliberately avoid or close their doors and Windows.Similar disinfection vehicles have been in use since 2020, so there is no need to deliberately avoid them. In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, local areas have been sterilized by vehicle disinfection according to the prevention and control needs, but there are no “comprehensive disinfection” or “drone disinfection” situations, such as requiring citizens to close doors and Windows.Because the probability of positive outdoor air virus is very small.Even if the aerosol containing virus appears outdoors, circulating air will quickly decompose, dilute and circulate it, and it is almost not contagious.”Total elimination” is neither necessary nor feasible.In view of the repeated occurrence of the above rumors, Shanghai Rumor Dispelling Platform reminds again, for all kinds of so-called “notice” “reminder”, citizens should be alert, can be through the release channel, text format, language expression, signing unit (including whether there is an official seal) to identify, do not believe in all kinds of “grapevine news”.Source: Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News (author: Ren Chong Chejiannan, a Rumor-refuting platform based in Shanghai)