The most beautiful retrograde!Yueyang two thousands of medical aid ji

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In response to the call, peng Ya, two key doctors and nurses from Pingjiang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, decided to “go against the trend” on March 30, Zhang Weizhi and Peng Ya arrived in Changchun, Jilin Province.Zhang Weizhi, 42, is a head nurse at the Fourth People’s Hospital of Pingjiang County and has been working for more than 10 years.In her work, she has been diligent and hard-working, successively serving as head nurse of obstetrics department, trauma Department, operating room and psychiatric Department. She is also a major member of the epidemic prevention and control leading group of the hospital. She has studied in provincial hospitals for many times and won the Advanced Individual Award, Outstanding Management Cadre Award, third-class merit award and other honors.In life, she is an easy-going person who loves to laugh, play and eat. “I am very happy and relaxed to be with her,” a friend said of her.At the same time, she was the most smiling and warm wife and mother in her family.Although she had won many honors, Zhang Always smiled calmly: “I am just a small screw, and I have to stick to my post.”Peng Ya is an ordinary nurse in charge of Pingjiang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been awarded excellent nurse, advanced individual in health system, excellent hospital sense manager, etc., and has been to provincial hospitals for further study.At 34, she is already a mother of two.The 2-year-old’s wish is for her mother to spend more time with her every night.However, due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, professional training, prevention and control supervision, emergency drills and other prevention and control work occupied most of Peng ya’s time. Overtime has always been the norm. When she came home from work, she always felt guilty to see her little daughter sleeping.As a staff member who has been engaged in epidemic prevention and control for 7 years, she knows that the prevention and control of hospital infection is no small matter, especially during the epidemic prevention and control, only by taking solid and detailed prevention and control measures can we better ensure the safe operation of hospitals and the health and safety of ordinary people.Take care!When the spring flowers are in full bloom, you will return home in triumph