Win11 update system after the flash screen problem how to solve

2022-06-21 0 By

Believe that many users will upgrade their computer to the latest Win11 operating system, the system and the previous Win10 system compared to the difference is very large, because the system just out of the reason, often appear unstable phenomenon, recently there are users reflect win11 update after the phenomenon of flash screen often occur,So next xiaobian will put win11 update after the flash screen solution to bring you, we look together.1, first of all, we open task manager, click “File”, select “Run new task” option.2. Select Create this task with system management rights, enter MS-Settings :wheel, and press Enter to confirm.3. After entering the Settings page, select “Windows Update”.4. Then click “Update History”.5. After entering history, click the “Uninstall update” option.6, finally in the uninstall update, find KB500430 update, right-click after the click “uninstall” can be repaired.