“Happy Shenyang” Xu Mengtao won the championship!Liaoning’s first gold medal in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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When Xu Mengtao took off into the air, quickly turned over and landed firmly, the “veteran of the four Dynasties” of the Winter Olympics raised his arms and burst into tears.And when to determine their victory of the moment, Xu Mengtao can no longer hide the joy of the heart, looking up to the sky long roar: “Xu Mengtao, success!”Xu Mengtao, who won liaoning’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, burst into tears last night after winning the women’s freestyle aerials Olympic gold.Xu Mengtao, a veteran of her last four Winter Olympics, is also aiming for two gold MEDALS, freestyle skiing aerials mixed team and women’s individual.However, xu Mengtao led the Women’s freestyle skiing aerials team to win the first gold medal in the women’s freestyle skiing aerials team. Xu Mengtao led the women’s freestyle skiing aerials team to win the first gold medal in the mixed team competition.Xu mengtao clinched her place in the final with a solid performance on her first dive in the qualifying competition yesterday. She simply gave up her second dive and qualified second to advance to the final.In the first round of the final, Xu mengtao got 103.89 points, directly qualified for the final round of the final battle.In the deciding round, the first appearance of teammate Kong Fan Yu error, chong gold heavy task fell on Xu Mengtao again.Xu Mengtao withstood great pressure to challenge the world’s most difficult movements in 4.293 — dive, jump and air spin. The movements were seamless and the landing was clean.In the end, Xu mengtao scored 108.61 points, ranking first.Xu mengtao won the gold medal after ASHLEY Caldwell of the United States made a mistake.This is xu Mengtao’s first Olympic Gold medal!After winning the gold medal, other foreign competitors came up to congratulate, American contestant Caldwell holding Xu Mengtao jumped and shouted congratulations to his good friend who has competed in the same competition for many years.On Xu’s previous list of honors, World Cup champion, World Championship champion…The only thing missing was a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.Xu Mengtao was as happy as a child in front of numerous reporters after her victory over the self-enjoyment immersion competition.”February 14th was a really special day for me.I won my first World Cup on February 14, 2009.The first Olympic medal was won in Sochi on February 14, 2014.On February 14, 2022, A historic moment came for me here: my dream of winning an Olympic gold medal.Thank you!”Here, Xu Mengtao again excited to shed tears.”When I realized my dream, I felt like I needed to slow down,” Xu said. “It was not real. It was like a dream.I was thinking of the mixed team competition, which is a shame.As the mixed team presented the award, I stood there and thought how nice it would be if our national anthem were played.But that’s the competition, and the fact that the mixed team didn’t win gave me pressure and motivation.”Xu mengtao revealed that after the mixed team competition, she immediately told herself: “Everything is over, everything is zero.I made all my plans before I came here today. I thought of every difficulty I could think of.”Yesterday’s final xu mengtao called it an “immersive final”.”I was really, really committed out there today,” she said. “I didn’t care about anybody. I just wanted to win this gold medal for my country and I think I can do it and enjoy it.”According to Xu Mengtao, she did not know that the runner-up had a high score before the last jump, “I don’t care about others, WHAT I want to do is to play my own level and conquer myself.”No one knows how many times xu Mengtao, 31, dreamed of winning a gold medal and how many times she thought of giving up.The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, in particular, “made me feel like I was coming home in disgrace,” she said.”When I came back from Pyeongchang, I had two meniscus surgeries on my legs.When I was in the hospital bed, looking at my legs, I was thinking at that moment, should I stick to the Beijing Winter Olympics?Because if I do, it’s another four years. Can I do it?””I thank myself for not giving up,” xu said.The training camp at qinhuangdao last summer was so tough that she looked back on it as if she was racing every day.”Every day training is different, no matter what the weather, no matter what the state, practice over and over, hard practice, frequent practice, practice.””The coach was very strict with me. He had to score the game as well as the game,” xu said.In this way, Xu overcame one difficulty after another and succeeded step by step until February 14, 2022, when she became a grand Slam aerialist in freestyle skiing.Having realized her dream of a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, will Xu Mengtao fight for another four years?”Depending on the mood!”I just want to say one thing right now. Please don’t give up your efforts. Your efforts will help you when it matters most.”Shen News all media reporter: Ma Cheng from Chongli