“Health science” osteotomy orthopedics: sixty years “folding man” straight waist

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In the spinal surgery ward of xuzhou Mining Group General Hospital, a 65-year-old man named Chen can finally lie flat on his bed.For ordinary people, this is a simple action, Old Man Chen looked forward to more than 20 years.During his recovery, as long as his physical condition allowed, Chen turned sideways and looked out of the window.Old Man Chen still clearly remembers his last words to the doctor before going on the operating table for anesthesia: “For more than 20 years, I just want to look up and see the sky.”Since suffering from ankylosing spondylitis more than 20 years ago, Chen has become known as the “folding man”, with his body slowly bending to 130 degrees.Now in xuzhou Mining Group General Hospital through surgery, he straightened his back, is about to usher in a sunny life.”Straight waist, now speak with confidence!”Old Man Chen said with a smile.Old man Chen remembered that he had a slight hunchback when he was in his 30s.”Just over 40, my health starts to deteriorate.Gradually the head starts to bend down and the whole body starts to bend. The chest gets closer and closer to the leg bone. It becomes difficult to even raise your head properly.””Old Man Chen recalled.”Later I went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor said it was ankylosing spondylitis, which required surgical treatment, but it was very risky.”Old Man Chen has concerns about the risks of surgery, has been delayed.”The original person bends to resemble what, no person appearance, my head is touched everywhere all is a bag, walk on the road you can’t see a person to walk forward, one arrives in front of ‘MAO’ 1, you see just know hit a tree.””Said The old Man.With the aggravation of his illness, Chen’s life was seriously affected.After another bad fall, his bent and rigid spine was broken!Chen old man determined to surgery, attracted to find xuzhou mining Group general hospital spine surgery Director Wei Dong, Wei Dong director arranged to Ge Hang new diagnosis and treatment team.Xu Kuang Group general hospital spine surgery deputy director physician Ge Xingxin introduction, Chen old man is he has seen the most serious ankylosing spondylitis patients.Such cases are also rare in China.His head was lower than his stomach, so it was very easy for ordinary people to eat and drink, but it was very difficult for Chen.”When I first met Chen, I knew it was going to be a very challenging operation.””The patient has developed a severe kyphosis,” Ge said. “The whole spine is like a bent stick. There is no movement, and it is impossible to look up to the sky when walking.”Design, adjust, overturn, redesign, perfect…Director Wei Dong, Ge Xingxin, deputy chief physician and spinal surgery team, anesthesiology department, operating room constantly adjust the operation plan of Chen Old man, they know that this is a millimeter for the accuracy of the operation.Every millimeter of consideration, calculation and correction can really help patients straighten their backs and stand better and more stable.According to the actual situation of the patient, Ge Xingxin’s team carried out comprehensive evaluation of Chen’s condition for many times on the premise of ensuring patient safety and reducing complications, and finally decided to adopt kyphotic osteotomy and pedicle screw fixation to solve the patient’s pain.”This kind of surgery is extremely complex in the field of spine surgery and requires comprehensive cooperation of multiple departments. There are only a handful of hospitals in China that can carry out this kind of surgery.”GeXing shin, “ankylosing spondylitis axial vertebral joint infringement as the main characteristics of a chronic disease, about 66% of the patients with progression to severe protruding after spinal deformity, the spine will form in head and neck forward position bony rigidity, directly led to the imbalance in the sagittal plane and the horizontal Angle of the spine is missing, not only limits the patients daily life and activities,And it will have an impact on the physical and mental aspects of the patient.The curative effect of traditional physical therapy or orthosis is limited. Surgical osteotomy and orthosis are the main means to treat the deformity.But Mr. Chen was older, had a history of hypertension and had broken ribs and lumbar vertebrae.Every step of the operation was extremely risky and difficult.””Osteotomy and orthosis” open folding life what is osteotomy and orthosis operation?As the name implies, the human spine is cut off, by adjusting the Angle of the spine, so as to achieve the purpose of correction.”A large number of important tissues such as nerves and blood vessels are concentrated between the spine. Any careless osteotomy will cause nerve, blood vessels and spinal cord injury, which can lead to paralysis and death in serious cases.”Ge Xingxin introduced that Chen’s surgery is a more complex type of osteotomy and orthopedic surgery, also known as transpedicle vertebral body osteotomy (PSO).After full surgical evaluation and preoperative preparation, Chen and his family members expressed a strong desire to hand.Under the leadership of Director Wei Dong, gexing new medical team carried out surgical treatment for him.”Before the operation, we communicate with the head nurse in the operating room, and make the operating bed into a bridge arch so that the patient can lie on it for easy operation.””What we do is we peel off and protect the surrounding nerves and blood vessels, and then we cut one of the vertebrae in half and screw it back in.”Ge Xingxin said.”The main thing is the anastomosis after the osteotomy, to straighten the malformed spine without harming the patient.Literally, millimeter by millimeter, flattening the bed and fitting the spine.”Ge xingxin told reporters that in order to minimize spinal cord injury during surgery, they use advanced neural monitoring equipment, which is like radar, real-time alarm of any minute nerve damage.At the same time, spinal osteotomy and orthopedic surgery is a large amount of blood loss, but also need the support of blood recycling technology equipment.In addition, the operation of anesthesia is also very high requirements, according to the progress of the operation to adjust the depth of anesthesia and analgesic effect.”This is a spinal surgery operation, but it is the result of multi-disciplinary cooperation of XUkuang General Hospital MTD.”Ge Xingxin said.Special reporter Deng Yonghong, Li Changxin, editor, Li Xu, supervisor, Zhou Jingfei, director, Zhu Handong declare: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn