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Time is out of order, and under the sky of flying clouds we hide our old and sunless village.Can not help but think of the Spring Festival couplets and lanterns hanging under the eaves of every house;The smell of bacon and sausages in full bloom;I remember meeting a friend I haven’t seen for years in a baking stall. It takes me a while to remember his name and then rush to pay the bill…The end of the year is coming, over the city, hanshan village, everywhere silver trees, sending out firecrackers and fireworks taste, the end is to add some New Year festival.Southeast of Baojing County, there is a big river called Tangjia River, which reaches the Youshui river to Dongting and flows through the Yangtze River into the Tianhai Sea.Assuming the middle is Yang township, moving downstream is ling town, one thousand years, two adjacent to the tujia villages and towns with gas renshi, watch the same year, a condensed “twenty 24 brush dust, tofu, and 26 killing swine, 27 glutinous rice, 28 zi ba, 29, every family has a 30 night eat not to withdraw” BaoZhan earthly fireworks in the old proverb, say goodbye to the past the past.The “road lights” on the stone path bloom in turn.Huang Yimin Taken on New Year’s eve, it was dark, Yang township in CunCunZhaiZhai and move ling town a few tujia village, there was a man who standing under the YanZi tore open throat shout “DengEr DengEr sent road, road”, the clear pronunciation and mellow voice tone, and other counties and cities in western hunan is slightly different, its sound particularly heavy, “DengEr” pop up between the sound from the mouthpiece, soft waxy, even tone down,It sounds like only one note, some rustic, some crisp, but it is very familiar with the country sound, do not have a taste around the heart.People heard the call, one after another removed a table of New Year’s Eve dinner, from the stilted buildings shaded by green trees, from the small building out of red walls and black tiles……We hold red candles, sesame oil and household supplies, along the zigzag ridge of the field, winding mountain road, or on both sides of the road, until it is dark, men, women and children wash their hands and burn incense, reverently lit the “road lamp”.From afar, a village followed by a village, a village followed by a village, “road lamp” lights in turn in full bloom, village village zhaizhai shadow swaying, as if there is a star river flow.At this time, the mountains are dumb, the rivers are dumb, and only the fields and mountain paths have the light, which is dazed round and round, like ripples of water, like streams of color on the horizon, piercing the cracks in the night, which is magnificent!After looking at it for a long time, however, the mood was surging, and the corners of his eyes were wet, so excited that he could not speak.It is said that the moonlight is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the mottled village under the “road lamp”, which is full of passion and love for mountains, rivers, life and other things.This is part of Baojing County Tujia “hair road lamp” year common mirror, the world’s only one, no semicolon.It and the Han Lantern Festival put the lamp phase is very different, put the lamp on the Han working people to ward off evil in addition to disaster, a good wish;”Fa Lu Deng er” is related to baojing soldiers who went to the southeast war more than 400 years ago, and generations of tujia people’s blood and courage, in addition to heroic action, it also sustenance of deep thoughts.During the reign of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty, the “Uwokou Rebellion” caused a certain threat to the lives and property of the people in the southeast coastal areas of China.In order to strengthen the fight against Japanese pirates, the Ming government ordered the local soldiers from Baojing and Yongshun to fight against Japanese pirates in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.When the troops left, it was Time for the Chinese New Year to arrive, so the soldiers did not miss the military planes and took a dinner early to leave for The front with Benefits of the nation.”Only for the country to die on the battlefield, why die on the horse also”, this battle back to come is luck, not to come back is fate, everyone killed and born, prepared for the worst, before leaving to write a letter, and most likely will be the same.Later, in order to commemorate the war, the tujia descendants kept the custom of celebrating the Spring Festival one day earlier, and called it “catching the New Year”.On the night of the war, it was dark and the road was slippery, and the villagers spontaneously lit candles to lead the way for tujia Erlang. This yizhanzhan lamp became the strength to support their courage and bloody battlefield.In May 1555, the soldiers, living up to the high expectations of their country, defeated Wang Jiangjing and killed three thousand Japanese soldiers, which was praised by the Ming Court as “the first battle in the southeast”.The good news came, and the villagers rejoiced with joy at the great victory, and with sorrow at how many soldiers had never returned.The “road lamp” implies an infinite distance.At this point, every New Year’s Eve, we have “road lights”, lit rows of sesame oil candles, light to guide the spirits home……Yang Zhaoxiang land formation fertile, old Baojing County “rice liangchuan” said.In order to reward the soldiers and sacrifice soldiers of the soil soldiers relatives, Baojing xuanwei Peng Jingchen Yang toward the township and move ling town area of the good field good soil division to them.So the extraordinary years DengEr “road”, more than ten thousand only in baojing southeast tujia gathered on the land of protocols, though small, integrity is big, it is a frontier minority spirit inheritance YaCangShi, lakes, civilization of human goodness is home countries criterion and value measure, therefore has been passed down from generation to generation.The beautiful “road lights” are Gaohu Village, Tuanjie Village and Yangjia Village of Qianling Town.Because the village field bazi open, beautiful ridge arc, together “hair road lamp” impact eyeball, visual shock.Local people say that at least the family should put 100 “road lights”, the most lively village and beat the tujia sliders to help create an atmosphere, and “hair road lights” generally do not meet, meet each other to pay New Year’s greetings.In the early 1980s, due to the lack of food at home, I walked with adults to borrow rice from relatives who lived in the Yang Dynasty. Although their family was not rich, they still tightened their rations and gave generously.Is late, in addition to relatives home to eat a meal, but also to see long yearning for the “hair road lamp.”In the “road lamp” under the light of the folk houses through the breath of the year.Due to the lack of material, at first “fa road lamps” were often fueled with pine resin oil (locally known as fir ointment oil) mixed on sticks, kerosene mixed with ash when conditions were good, and tung oil or tea oil dipped in incense, etc.But when the discharge at the same time “road lights”, the fire dancing and jumping, the night seems to be a lot more beautiful.At this time children always have a lot of hot to see, jumping between the lamp and the lamp, play.Without exception, the adults would reprimand them, saying, “This is just to take the old Bodhisattva to move into the house for the New Year. Don’t disturb them!”What kind of “bodhisattva” is this? What kind of “old lady” is this?The years suddenly faded away, and the “bodhisattva old lady”, after more than 400 years of wind and rain, had already merged with dust at the other end of the earth.Those heroes who died for their country, never to return, grow for a long time in the hearts of future generations.”Sending the road lamp” is a heroic act, farewell, missing is also welcome.If there is no village, no land-related experience, no life equivalent experience, then there is no custom.Like New Year’s Eve, is the past, is the future, but also the heavy hope!When season after season of spring breeze blowing heart, blowing open our peace and happiness of the good day, come on, let us yizhanzhan bright “lamp” to the year over there, hair to the boundless distance……Click on the picture to view the details source | The author of The League Conclusion | Fang Juncai Xiao Hengyu editor | Yang Shifang producer | Chen Hao Wonderful content in a minute
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