North control lose still have gain!Max takes his chances and he deserves marbury’s credit

2022-06-22 0 By

In the 87-88 loss to Jilin Men’s basketball team, Sun Tonglin, the 206CM gao Ta, who is also the Max salary of the team, seized the opportunity well in this game and got 3 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists. His ability to play the ball in personal space has been well played, which is worthy of Marbury’s trust.Because shao-jie wang and YuChangDong failed to play the game, tonglin important rotate the game to become the team’s bench, tonglin in appearance, and well seize the opportunity, the basket obviously rebounding, protect box to form effective control for the team, and the use of marbury for tonglin is also very clear, that is at the same time with haas,In the second half of the game, Sun Tonglin not only grabbed the rebound but also increased his personal attack. He hit a three-pointer from 45 degrees on the outside, effectively opening up the offensive space of the team.Under the condition of the team to a halt, marbury will again Sun Tong rubberized tracks to the stadium, appearance, in the case of gain obviously rebounding and sent out a block, the ball will be effective on the offensive end to haas, successful manufacturing killing two free throws, have to say, tonglin ball quotient is very high, inside the large post player has good coordination ability,Although the north control men’s basketball team eventually lost, but Sun Tonglin’s performance is worthy of praise.This season is tonglin in BeiKong men’s basketball team played the third season, this season because BeiKong men’s basketball team to introduce several interior specialist, including team insider and Zou Yuchen, shao-jie wang, YuChangDong, tonglin status in the team’s tactical weaken, averaging time dropped to 13.2 minutes, only 2.4 points and two rebounds, 1.6 assists, but with the season,Yu changdong gave full play to his personal value on the court, just as he got 3 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists in 30 minutes of playing time.Last game in the second stage, BeiKong men’s basketball team will play against poor men’s basketball team, reference opponent inside with Hu Jinqiu and Xu Zhonghao tower, as well as foreign aid, Jones and play the game at the same time, sure marbury will give tonglin of playing time, after all, tonglin in the transfer BeiKong men’s basketball team to a maximum player joined successfully,At the critical moment, he can still play his personal value, and I look forward to sun Tonglin’s excellent performance in the next match.