Original god: Casual games through to the end?Behind it is the great improvement of the original god’s capacity!

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Fellow travelers hello wow, this is “going to fishing a day not update” Cat (and friends go out to play one day ~) yo ah, in the broadcast live last night, what the Cat dragged for a long time and the eight tour activities finally to complete the task, well, I admit that I’m too lazy to very recently (themselves unable to extricate themselves in dying of the light (2) the new activity is a big speechless,Cat never dreamed that god could pull off such an event!This activity is to let us take the five hundred zang to visit Mengde and Hyrimoon and experience different local conditions and customs. Cat thought that according to the original god’s consistent style, there would be some challenges in this process. In other words, we must be doing coolies again.After the first task, Cat realized that we were literally tour guides for 500 Tibetan Tours, the kind that help take free photos.And five hundred Tibet has a very annoying place, it has been calling us white hair, yellow hair, and aunt!!We’re so young, we’re called aunts!Cat: I can’t bear it. You said I can endure Piper’s white hair, and I said I can endure yellow hair, too.All in all, it was really about taking your kids around Tivat. The whole thing was fun and stress-free. The only thing that didn’t go so well was finding 500 places to play hide-and-seek.This reminded Cat of the hawali festival, where only the second of the four activities was slightly weaker. The other three activities were easily completed.So, the liver of the previous several versions of the original god, why in version 2.4 become so simple and not hurt the liver?This point we can see from the exposure of the palace and layer rock juyuan information, the original god as a big world of exploration type of game, exploration is the most important.After a year later, the original official god through questionnaire survey, data analysis and so on various channels to understand the players are the real needs of the point where it is a new map, most of the players hope god can be in each version has to explore new maps, after all, the main exploration of the game, if has been asking players on old maps stagnant,That will certainly speed up the flow of players.In the original god experienced a year after the outbreak, now the capacity to keep up with the natural is to put more energy on the map production above, after all, the game map is done well, players will naturally have a greater motivation.What does that have to do with ease, many travelers may ask?Cat gives you two ways. Which one do you prefer?1 new map, the content need your effort to study, for example, decryption, 2 old maps new activities such as the new system, and the activity of liver degree is not low, need everybody to live every day to do naturally more players will tend to the first way, because it will no doubt for players to pay more attention to the exploration of the process, this time, we also did not think of liver.Only when players are constantly immersed in the process of exploration can they feel the charm of the game itself. If they delay updating the big map and just launch high-priority activities, they will greatly reduce the good impression of the game itself.Cat thinks that the updating speed of the next big map will not be lower than that of the current version. In the future, it is estimated that you can see a new map updated every two versions. We can understand it as DLC update, and the kingdom update should be updated every year as before.The updating of activities will gradually be more relaxed, simple and diversified. For example, it is impossible to duplicate the activities of the first hawali Festival. After all, travelers’ experience comes first.Anyway, as travelers, we would like to see more maps with different styles, and the activities should be as relaxed as possible, so that we can have an immersive exploration experience. For more exciting content, come to the world of Cat’s collapse