Spring Festival I on-the-job | cold winter warm heart protection, flashing lights reflected beginner’s mind!

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On the second day of the first lunar month, Zhang Chaoyang, auxiliary police officer of the Sub-wu police Station, found an old man hobbling on the road on his patrol. Thinking of the cold weather and the old man’s advanced age, he immediately got off the car and asked.The original old man surnamed CAI, second wood town stone horse wood people, he thought of the town register window to do this.However, his children could not return home for the Spring Festival due to the epidemic, and the old man was impatient and could not wait.Learned from neighbors during the Spring Festival police station public security household registration window two days, five days, immediately set out for the window.”Ah, old man, you are so old, this road can be a little far, you have to walk to when, I send you past!”Knowing the situation, Zhang Chaoyang immediately put the old man on the car, said willing to send it to the destination.Hearing this, the old man declined by all means and felt embarrassed, but under the persuasion of Zhang Chaoyang, the old man finally stepped onto the patrol car.After accompanying the old man to handle the business, he advised the old man and sent the old man back home.When he left, the old man thanked him and thanked him.”The old man didn’t want me to take him home.But I who ah, I but public security, how can help help half!”Zhang Chaoyang said with a smile.Datang police station for an ID card for most people, but is a trip to the road, and now can also use the “Zhejiang do” system self-help, very convenient.But there are also some special groups, such as the elderly and the sick in remote villages, who cannot apply for a new ID card in person. Yu, who lives in Madian New Village, Datang Street, has encountered such a problem.”My sister has been paralyzed and bedridden for more than 10 years, especially in the past few years, the situation is worse. Recently, when preparing to pay social security, I found that she could not find her ID card, and she could not apply for medical insurance. It is very inconvenient.”Yu’s brother told the police.Grandma Yu is 80 years old this year. She is half paralyzed in bed because of a stroke in the early years. It is difficult to sit up, not to mention apply for an ID card at the police station.In the visit that the situation, datang police station household registration police He Jieqiong immediately with Yu grandma family appointment door-to-door service time.During the Spring Festival, He Jieqiong came to the old people’s home in Madian New Village where Grandma Yu lived as promised. He Jieqiong also brought lanterns and Chinese knots to comfort her.”Ma ma, we are coming to give you an ID card you hold on a little bit, the head do not turn, the mouth to close…”During the shooting, the household registration police He Jieqiong patiently communicated with Grandma Yu, and soon completed the photo and collection. The fingerprint collector was used to collect the old man’s fingerprint.After completion, He Jieqiong also told the staff of the home for the elderly, if the villagers do not have convenient to the window for the id card of the elderly or the disabled, they can go to the village committee to report or to the police station window consultation, booking doorto service.Yingdian street police station “there is an old man near the twelve all primary school seems lost, can not find the way home, need your help……”During the Spring Festival, yingdian Street police station received a call from a warm-hearted citizen who said that an old man was lost and needed the help of the police station.Police on duty Cao Jianfei received the police, immediately organized personnel rushed to the scene.After arriving at the scene, saw the citizen said lost the old man, then forward to ask the old man’s specific situation.But as a result of the old field accent heavier, communication is not free.In this regard, Cao Jianfei first comfort the elderly do not worry, and patient communication with the elderly.In the communication with the old man, I learned that the old man may live near Xingdu Road, and his son also works in a nearby textile factory.Knowing this, Cao Jianfei quickly let the old man with the police car to go, along the way also concerned about whether the old man has any discomfort.However, after arriving there, Cao jianfei helped the old man to ask five or six factories, and walked for nearly half an hour, but still did not ask his son’s name.But Cao jianfei did not give up, and finally learned from the mouth of a textile factory owner that the man might live in The village.So, Cao Jianfei and his party came to the village of Twelve.Through constant inquiries and guidance from the villagers, the old woman was successfully sent back to her son’s home.”Thank you, thank you, my mother can count back, I went out to look for how can not find her, thank you very much!”Seeing his mother safely back, the old man’s son was so excited that he shook Cao jianfei’s hand and thanked him.Cao jianfei also told them to take good care of the elderly, do not let them go out alone.After the exhortation, it was at ease to leave.Cold winter warm heart protection, flashing lights reflect the beginner’s mind!Editor: Yang Quan contributed: Sub-wood police station, Yingdian Street police station, Datang police Station review: Wang Yu