Take root in the grass roots and strive for youth

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“On our new journey, we must firmly rely on the people to make history, adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, stand firm with the people, implement the Party’s mass line, respect the people’s initiative, and practice the thought of people-centered development.”Take root at the grassroots level, to firm belief as the beacon.Young people should first of all from the ideological preparation, only with a firm ideal and faith in the struggle process can not lose the direction of the way forward, only with lofty ideals and beliefs, with the ideal feelings of constantly rooted in the service of the countryside, the revitalization of the countryside, in order to make unremitting efforts on the way forward, indomitable.Young people should clearly understand the importance of grassroots work, since the choice of grassroots, should be ready to serve the grassroots dedication of youth.Do a good job in the post responsibilities, all-round improvement of personal ability, can be in the grass-roots work to adhere to the self, in the grass-roots work to achieve self-value, to bring prosperous rural development.Ideals and beliefs are the basis for Chinese Communists to settle down and live, and also the source of youth roots at the grassroots level.The new youth should have the passion to devote their youth to the grass-roots level, dare to take root at the grass-roots level, to prevent eager for quick success and instant profits, opportunistic, and consciously set the root of “faith”, complement the spirit of “calcium”;We should dare to take the “dirt road” and “hot potato” to hone ourselves at the grassroots level, strengthen our will, increase our ability and accumulate experience.As the saying goes, “empty talk hurts the country, but solid work rejuvenates the country”, active practice is the sailing sail rooted in the fertile soil at the grassroots level.As the old saying goes, “The one who knows the house is leaking is in the space below, and the one who knows the political failure is in the grass.”The youth should use nail spirit to do grassroots work, do practical work and good things for the masses, carry forward not hide, not push, not around, not ranging, not slow, not afraid of the spirit, dare to think dare to do, dare to try dare to break through, do grassroots work “all-rounder”, constantly improve their practical ability and innovation ability.As contemporary youth, we need to go deep into the countryside and take root at the grassroots level to exercise ourselves and improve ourselves.As the saying goes, “the heart of the masses fish water, deviate from the masses tree root”, in the grassroots work to strengthen communication with the masses is particularly important, only through positive communication with the masses, in order to truly understand the needs of the masses.In order to find the right direction in the work, think what the masses think, urgent what the masses are urgent.And combine their professional knowledge with practice to solve the practical problems and needs of the masses.At the grassroots level, the work intensity is high, the conditions are difficult, and the contradictions are complex. From the implementation of national policies to the mediation of disputes between parents, there are university problems. Young people should settle down and take root at the grassroots level, constantly experience and absorb nutrients.In the new era and new mission, the new generation of young people should bear in mind their mission and responsibility, use their youth and wisdom to serve the society and the grassroots, and strive to realize the value of life, so that the youth in the dedication to the grassroots people glow with brilliant brilliance.