The air conditioning curtains in the Paralympic Village are self-controlled and the best seats of the stadium stands are reserved for wheelchair users

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Beijing, Feb. 20, 2022 Beijing Press Center held a special press conference “Ice and snow sports for the disabled and Beijing Winter Paralympics”, introduced the construction of barrierless facilities for the Winter Paralympics.Dong Lianmin, vice director of Beijing disabled persons’ federation, said the current eight competition venues, two games village (winter paralympic village) to realize the whole streamline barrier-free, 25 games are designated hospitals, 60 games contracted hotels, seven winter paralympic games signing hotel complete barrier-free reconstruction, on Olympics venues around 1 km range 9858 points to complete the upgrade.Dong Lianmin, vice chairman of Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation.”Beijing’s barrier-free services have met the requirements for a simple, safe and exciting event,” dong said.Multiple rounds of medical examinations were conducted at 108 Olympic-involved sites and surrounding areas.Eight competition venues and two Winter Olympic villages (paralympic Villages) are barrier-free. 25 hospitals designated for the Winter Olympic Games, 60 hotels contracted for the Winter Olympic Games and seven hotels contracted for the Winter Paralympic Games have all been upgraded for barrier-free facilities.9,858 points within 1 km around the Olympic-involved sites were upgraded.It is worth noting that the best position of the stadium stands is reserved for wheelchair users, and the changing rooms, toilets and barrier-free rooms are fully sloped, fully rounded and fully low.At the same time, mobile phones provide barrier-free route navigation, and the “Winter Olympics Sign-language digital man” system has been put into use.Badaling High-speed Railway Station cable-pull box barrier-free elevator drop of more than 80 meters, becoming the first in China.The use of lamps, air conditioners and curtains in the Winter Paralympic Village has been independently controlled.Induction sensing system, voice prompt system to meet the needs of disabled athletes.In view of the fact that the walking distance of the Olympic Games is long in the Olympic Central area, barrier-free shuttle bus configuration is increased, relay service, drop-off area, security inspection area, venue area barrier-free service flow line is seamless.In view of the recent extreme snow weather, increase the frequency of ferry operation;Clean barrier-free facilities and streamline snow, organize cleaning from time to time to prevent water accumulation and icing, and paste reflective warning strips at the edge of the ramp;Optimize the spectator route and choose safe and convenient route as far as possible.”Since the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, barrier-free facilities and related services in venues and surrounding areas have operated smoothly, with no breakpoints in facilities, no blind spots in services and bright spots in security.”Dong Lianmin said.