Three kingdoms strategy version: not with rattan armour zhang Horn shield, still beat taoyuan superior flat Sun Taizhou

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Rational play, moderate money.Hello everyone, I am Zhuge village husband.Believe that many players have played three potential method is, wear these with opening Angle to play rattan armor shield, but the three potential because of the cane to carry mail so itself has a short plate is very afraid of fire, and the need to cao cao and zhou tai to increase, thus wasting the core, so the villain today will bring a group of unconventional three potential method is shield.This group is composed of fa Zheng, Lu Su and Zhang Jiao.Failed to get the bonus of the national team, but the bonus of the three-force team is also very scary, Fazheng’s own launch rate is relatively low, after getting the bonus of the three-force team, zhang Jiao’s own damage is higher than the damage of the three-force team.Lu Su’s ability to cast or cast health automatically reduces damage reduction.Book of war add the master general law is book of war: aid it will attack + mask + hundred battles;Add half intelligence half leadership deputy Lu Su book of war: woodland not disorderly + army;Add a full intelligence deputy zhang Jiao book of war: disease battle break through + ghost seek + will wei;Earlier and with full commanding general intelligence squad thinking method is, caresses series of military and civilian, scraping the bone healing side will lu su poor good, and the three potential array, and temporarily avoid the front lieutenant opening Angle Died, taiping road, and don’t three days this team, the most important thing is the three potential method are actively fighting earlier and is very strong to reduce injury and recovery methods, but in a team at ordinary times,A 35 chance to launch is very easy to play. a 51 chance to launch is very scary after taking advantage of the 3 chance and increasing it by 16 percent.The first three rounds of Fuji ensured our survival ability, and the bone scraping poison with super high recovery could well draw our blood line.Zhang Jiao wulei Bombardment on the high output of the enemy and has the chance to shock the enemy, taiping daofa to improve their own 28% of the fantastic and improve the wulai bombardment 6% of the launch rate, carrying the three days can provide their own immune damage avoidance effect, and can output high damage.Lu Su’s own method of combat can give their own attributes to the friendly forces, restore the friendly health and damage, temporarily avoid the front of the two of our troops to gain blade and tactical damage reduction.It should be noted that zhang Jiao should carry 500 troops less when he goes out, so that he can be more stable and get lu Su’s attribute bonus.Line-up analysis this is the battle report against Sun Taizhou cavalry: prepare for the round of our zhang Jiao to launch the law of war taiping Daofa to improve their own ingenuity, and launched the law of war for three days to obtain evasive effect.We are now using combat to reduce the damage we do and the damage we take.Our lu Su waging war to help the poor to apply the preparatory effect, waging war to avoid the front in the first three rounds with the army and civilian damage reduction to ensure our survival ability.We are using our tactics to recover our forces and those of Lu Su, and to inflict damage reduction effects.Mage mage bone Scraping poison removes Angle and mana and intellect reduction effects and restores 1000 strength.Zhang Jiao’s five thunderheads deal multiple damage to all enemy units.And will cause the enemy Zhou Tai shock effect.Unfortunately lu Su’s stat bonus was not applied to Zhang Jiao but to Fazheng.Because I did not carry rattan armor, I did not have to fear all kinds of fire.The intensity is still very good because there are still no more battles during the season, even without rattan armor, because the high intelligence of the three is very good to play.More afraid of zhuge team, if it is zhuge bow troops team is also able to open four to six.Today zhang Jiao shield we will simply introduce here, if you have any better team composition collocation ideas, or black technology play, welcome everyone to leave a message I am the village husband, thank you for your attention!